Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dear Uncle Herb

Thank you, so much, for signing my guest book!! What a fun surprise! But I kinda feel bad that you didn't have a photo that you could have posted along with your greeting. So I dug deep into my photo album and I came up with a few that you can borrow if you would like.

Like this one (my favorite) Or this one
Or this one
Or this one
Or this one
You know, Yo Bob is quite the family historian and documented every get together with pictures so you can thank him for these photos of your last visit to Utah.
Thanks again for signing my guest book.
We sure miss you and hope that you will treat us to a visit real soon so that we can stock up the photo albums with more pictures of you!

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SHIRLEE said...

Can I borrow Yo Bob for pics. I am so not good at it.