Saturday, July 23, 2011

Congratulations are in order

Because this fella graduated today!
 Lydon Edward finished fire science classes and is now certified in not only Fire 1 but Fire 2, Folks!!  That's a big deal around these parts.  So that calls for a celebration (and a blog post!).  We rounded up Grandpa Bob, Grandma Carol and Alan and Grandpa Tim and Grandma Margy to par-tee!
 Grandpa Bob made the best home-made card (even though it took him a couple of 3 or so hours to make).  It was  a super cool card that involved stealing Lydon's picture from his facebook page, a very nice firefighter poem, and some sappy/tear jerky words of encouragement(who taught him how to do those things-especially stealing pictures from facebook).  It totally put my balloons, congratulations button and crepe paper to shame.
 He followed it up with a new firefighter hitch cover for Lydon's truck and a firefighter key chain .
 You have heard of about re-enveloping?  Ask Grandma Carol what was up with this re-do of my envelope.
 After gifts, we partied! 
Why does it always look like they are trying to run from me and my camera?

 We made the boy a feast fit for a Firefighting King of steak and chicken.

Congratulations Lydee--you are only 19 years old and you are EMT certified and Fire 1 and 2 certified and we are so very proud of you!!  You are almost there with your EMT intermediate--keep up the good work and soon enough you'll be living your dream!
We Love You!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Out of Order

Tim is currently incapacitated.

He recently went under the knife and had BOTH, I repeat, BOTH of his hands operated on.  He had a double carpel tunnel release surgery.  That's right-----there is a doctor out there somewhere that has it out for me because he was willing to do both of Tim's wrists at the same time, which means that he is out of order for the next six weeks. 

I am going to choose to look at it this way:  He better be nice to me because he is basically at my mercy for the next six weeks  :)
 This is the major look of excitement on Tim's face when he realized that I had smuggled a camera into the operating prep room.  Remember Honey, you are going to be at my mercy for the next six weeks---be nice.
The nurse said something about this being a dose of bear tranquilizer.   Just let the medicine do it's magic Timmy.  Close your eyes........
 This cute little gal was using her Lady Schick to shave the hair off of Tim's knuckles before surgery.
 Timmy did really well through the surgery.  Except he came out sporting these really nice looking Hulk boxing gloves.  My suggestion is that we spray paint them green so that they actually look like Hulk fists and then he can impress all of Lydon and Aaron's friends with his super big muscle hands but nobody would go with my idea. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I have been shown up

I was feelin all full of my self.
I was on top of the world
I thought I was the next 5-K wonder........

I was still on a high from getting up at 7:30am and walking the Morgan Marathon 5K route.  No sooner had I posted my massive accomplishment on the blog when Grandma Carol has to go and conquer the "M" on her first try. 
WHAT THE!!??!! 
And she has photographic evidence. 
And she did it in the middle of the afternoon in the heat of the day.
And then she went home and mowed her lawn.

I'm gonnago have some ice cream and then go take a nap. 

Happy Birthday Yo Dad

Happy Birthday Yo Dad
That's it
Nothin' else
I won't embarrass you

Saturday, July 16, 2011

One of my moms favorite things

One of the things my mom used to love was little green apples (ewww).  Every summer her friends would bring her a bunch of apples and I remember her sitting with a salt shaker eating them all.  In fact, I remember one summer when the neighborhood moms (who shall remain nameless) did a midnight raid on a tree that was located somewhere in the vicinity of the post office to get apples for her (I'll never forget that night)
Now I have one of her beloved apple trees in my yard and it is chuck full of her little green apples
Some of the limbs are so full of apples that they almost touch the ground.
 I wished she were here to enjoy all these apples.....
Cuz I'm not sure how Pancho and Moose are going to feel after eating all these apples that I keep catching them snacking on. 

Guess What Yo Bob's Got

If you are nice I just might share.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Dear 5-K Friends

Believe it or not (I'm sure you will opt for the not) I drug out of bed this morning and test drove (test walked) the 5-K route. 
It wasn't too bad!  I made Moose go with me.  We left just after 7:30 (he had to fix his hair before we could leave) and we made the trek in less than an hour. 

We started out from my house because it is all about me, me, me and my house, house, house (in fact, I think they wanted to start the race from my house but there just wasn't sufficient parking for all the contestants ;) ) 

Since Moose was with me I couldn't go at my full long-leg pace.  He's got them short stubby legs but I thought that since he had four of them, maybe he could do double the time but that was not the case.  Another thing that slowed us down was that he had to stop to sniff and piddle on everything.  I promise I won't do that when we participate in the race (maybe).  There was a nice thick batch of bugs (baby mosquitoes?) at the bridge at the fairgrounds and I'm pretty sure I took in more than my required daily allowance as I crossed the bridge---certainly not on purpose--not much I could do about it since I really really needed to breath!

It was a beautiful morning.  The weather was cool.  There was a handful of other ladies out walking the same  route.  Moose must have know we were all out serving the same purpose because when we passed the other walkers he would barely give them them a nod as if the say "move over before I sniff you and piddle on you".

So, Squirlee, get your walking shoes laced up.......this is totally doable!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

4th of July Food Craft (I forgot which part we are up to at this point)

Blog stalking definately has it's benifits!  I found this super cute 4th of July food craft for the gang durning a recent blog stalk.  Tim is delicately modeling what should look like a fire cracker made out of the giant marshmallows, sugar paper (have you heard of it? It's the yellow star part of the  firecracker), red sprinkles, and orange coconut (to represent the flame of the firecracker) all shoved on a skewer.

Unfortunately, my firecracker is a little lopsided.

4th of July Part #5 - Minute to Win it

Reason #5 why this 4th of July was a dream come true--another opportunity to embarrass play embarrassing fun Minute to Win games embarrassing 4th of July style

Game #1 "What a Racket"
Aaron Jean vs. Grandma Carol
Object of the Game: To get the gumball from point A to point B on the by maneuvering the tennis racket with only your knees

 Game #2 - Ready Spaghetti
Timmy vs. Nater
Object of the Game:  To get six pieces of Rigatoni laced onto a piece of spaghetti using only your mouth

 Game #3 - Mad Dog
Jason vs. Shaelee
Object of the Game:  Shake the tic-tac boxes that are glued to both ends of the ruler empty using only your  teeth
Note to Jason--DO NOT TURN YOUR STICKS UPSIDE DOWN TO EMPTY YOUR TIC-TAC BOX.  That is called CHEATING, hence the bad, blurry pictures.  I had to hurry and take pictures because the game was over before it even started due to his cheat-age.

 Game  #4 - Can't remember the name of this one
Couples Game
Jill and Boyd vs Buster and Tiff
Object of the Game:  String a piece of spaghetti thru the tab of a pop can and carry the can across the length of the table, across the yard and deposit the can over the fence.

 Game # 6 - Wet Balloon
Casuree vs. Chaston
Object of the Game: Get the balloon from the start line to the bucket using only a squirt bottle

Game #7 Hut-Hut Hike
Lydon vs. Brennon
Object of the Game:  Hike 20 rolls of toilet paper thru hula hoops.  Who ever gets the most rolls of TP thru their hoops wins.

 Bonus Game - Nervous Nelly
Uncle Jill vs Bren
Object of the Game:  players wear pedometers on both wrists and attempt to get the most "mileage" by moving their arms before one minute is up.

Up next:  Food Crafts