Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A little somethin' for my girls

This is my Ad Pro Team (that's shorthand for Administrative Professional)

And since it's Administrative Professionals Day, I had to get them a little something to let them know just how much I love them.

I was looking for the the perfect combination of the traditional flowers and lunch routine. So I got them this edible arrangement of fruit and vegetable flowers that they could eat for lunch!

Thanks for everything girls! You make work a happy place. I couldn't do it without you!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dear Uncle Jill

Pancho has something he wants to tell you
(please note the pouty lip action)
We walked over to Yo Bob's tonight (we are training for Susan G Koman race). Anyhoo....We were walking back home and as we passed your work, Pancho peed on the green box out in front of your building. I did one of those things where you look around to see if anyone saw the violation and since no one was around, I thought we could make a clean get away. And then I noticed the security camera. So as you watch the footage from last night and you see Pancho "mark his territory" on your green box, please know that he is sincerely sorry and that he considers peeing on your box as a form of flattery.

Now, excuse us while we write more apology letters to:
*the city park people for peeing on their utility pole
*the dentist for peeing on his fence
*the school for peeing on their fence
*and the seminary people for peeing on their tree

Too bad the Susan G Koman race isn't a territory marking race cuz Pancho would win a gold medal.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lefty just isn't working out

Sad but true

We tried we just don't know what went wrong Even Pancho tried Was it because it was too many syllables? Was it because it just didn't roll off your tongue?
We really had no other choice.

We had to change his name

He is now

Much better!
I think he looks like a baby moose that has been whacked off at the knees (but in a cute way)
Today is National Stress Awareness Day. Who knew?

Our courthouse event coordinator, Teresa, knew and she threw a great party to celebrate this day.

The flyer says:

Alleviate your stress by ditching those high heels, ties, slacks and pantyhose. Come to work dressed in your most comfortable pair of sweats or pajamas.

Start the day off right. Join us for a creal breakfast in the foyer. Kick back and enjoys a big bowl of sugar-coated, moral-boosting goodness with your coworkers. You'll have so much fun we dare you not to blow milk out your nose.

And for those of you who need more than a pair of sweatpants and a bowl of Lucky Charms to de-stress, 10 minute massages will be offered in the auditorium. For the price of a box of Calgon ($5), Valarie H will "take you away" by working out those stress knots that have taken up residence in your neck and shoulders.

What a treat to go to work in my comfy sweats! No control top pantyhose to cut off the blood flow to my lower extremities. Not tight pants that make it hard to bend at the waist. I think I got more work done in the first two hours of work than I had all week long!

We started off with breakfast---I had two bowls of Luck Charms which is soooooo much more fun than my usual yogurt and granola!

For those of us that dared to dress down, we won prizes.

Grand prize: Gwen. She won the well deserved "Ruth Buzzy" award.

Brenda won the "married lady" pajama award

For our guys who wore dress shirts and slacks, the party "pooper" award

This card was lovingly attached to a bottle of FiberOne pills :)

I even scored a random drawing prize!

Our breakfast club

And to prove that I can party like a rockstar, here is photographic proof that I was able to participate in the stess-busting massage portion of today's festivities.It was such a fun day that I vote to do this at least once a week (and by that I mean dress comfy and eat Lucky Charms----I'm still trying to accept the whole massage-gettin-in-my-space part)

Spring Break '09

1. Soaking up the sun.....nope

2. Lounging by the pool.....nope

3. Sipping fruiting frozen drinks......nope

4. Tossing the frisbee around.....nope

5. Shaving my legs and painting my toenails......what's the point

5. Spring Break......not even close!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I'd like to start off by giving you a little lesson on how NOT to color Easter eggs.
Do NOT buy the tie-dye Easter egg coloring kit from the Wal-Mart.
I tell you this because from our experience, two teenage boys will lose their patients coloring eggs and will skip all of the recommended steps and recommended baggies and recommended coloring applicators and will skip straight to using their bare hands, smearing very potent dye all over the eggs, which makes their up-tight mom freak out because she just knows that they are going to get that potent dye on her new fabric covered kitchen chairs.
This was the lone egg that turned out looking some what like the example on the box.
Fast forward to Easter morning. I'm thinking the tie dyed eggs ticked off the Easter Bunny because he totally trashed Grandpa Bob's house.

The Easter Bunny made used a different colored yarn for each of the four boys and strung a maze all through out grandpas house leading to their Easter baskets.

Next up---Easter egg hunt
Since all those eggs were filled with M&M's, we had to get our breakfast burritos cooking before the kids decided to turn those m&m's into their breakfast.
While the grown-ups cooked, grandpa kept the kids busy with word find puzzles, find the Easter eggs picture puzzles, a maze game and a connect the dot Easter picture.
For doing such a good job with their puzzles, the boys got these balls
that they put in water
and they grew
into fun little sports towels
Time for a little pin the cotton tail on the bunny

Not that I'm crying foul play or anything, I just find it a little suspicious that Chase was able to nail the bulls eye AND pull of this surprised look. Hmmmm......
The prize: balloon rockets
Next up--guess how many Hershey hugs are in the jar
the audit...and the prize
For the grand finale---a balloon shoot out


Oh....and that bunny My good friend, Cindee, who surprised me in 1989 on my birthday by showing up in this bunny suit. Note: my birthday is in the swelter month of August.