Thursday, July 31, 2008

Time to meet the funny farm

Dear Pancho-
I'm gonna give you one last chance to back out of this deal. I think you should meet your soon-to-be roommates.

Welcome to the Lafitte funny (looking) farm.

This is JackJack has a freakish man face and meow's like a little girl. He's the only tiger in this joint that was allowed to keep his finger nails. His favorite pass time is hanging out in the wood shed sharpening those claws so watch it! He likes to feed his freakish man face with a special diet of neighborhood birds. It is not a pretty scene. If he tries to take you out for a stroll to "bird watch" don't do it!

This is GracieGracie is our "challenged" friend with a "special spirit". This poor little fluff ball is cross eyed, clumsy and is easily confused so move slowly when you are around her. She is also a little skiddish so no loud, unexpected noises. Barking will not be tolerated.

This is little darling is MissyMissy is our little princess/massage therapist. She rules this joint and has a soft spot for Big Daddy Tim. Her favorite pass time is climbing into bed with Tim and marching on him till he falls asleep.

If you don't behave yourself, we will have no other option than to send you over to Grandpa Bob's where you will have to face this thug:

Abby "the Terminator" Netz. She will leave marks on you that will require medicate cremes in order to heal. Her bite is definitely worse than her bark.

Sounds like you have one day to make up your mind. This place does not come with a money back guarantee. All sales are final. Once you get in, there's no going back. Choose wisely.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Everyone loves a parade

Welcome to the Morgan County Fair Parade 2008:

First up.....

Brennon Netz proudly representing Cub Scout Pack 244. He's our little fire cracker! (get it? firecracker? He's sitting under the firecracker)

Netxt up; Morgan County Council
Of special note on the County Council Float: Last minute wardrobe change. Overalls vs. Matching Green Shirts. Matching green shirts were the noticable winners.

Jim and Gloria Anderson in their parade favorite: Chevy?Nova? 19?? (my dad can rattle off the make and model---me, I'm a girl, all I know is that it's shiny and red) . In the front seat with Grandpa Jim is Colton "The Candy Thrower" Hyde, son of Leslie and Travis Hyde. Hey Gloria (in the back seat) what's up with covering your face?

And here is the Lafitte Family Hair Dresser, Diane hauling Deb and her Spicy Pies.

Where's Lydon you ask?

He's right here-

Taken care of bizness for Deb while the rest of Morgan County parades on.

And rounding the corner is the Carrigan Caravan...

We won't even ask why Casuree gets to drive the truck while Nate and Jason get assigned to candy chucking duty...?????

A small tribute to Uncle Jill.

Try finding an ugly side to this girl....there isn't one...believe me, I've tried.

Excuse us while we take a short intermission so that Aaron can sqeeze in a quick shower...




Let's get back to the parade...

This one's for you Roxanne, Arlin, Brooke and Justin

Someone needs to call Search & Rescue cuz Lester Lee Stone was MIA tonight--we're kinda worried.

And we'll end tonight on the crowd favorite--the Morgan County Fire Department

Chaston Netz was the lone family member riding for the fire tonight. Way to go Chase! Good to know that we can count on you! last dared me.......

Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Deb!

Happy birthday to my sister Debbie (ok, technically she's Tim's sister but who are we kidding-we know she loves me most).

I was smitted with Debbie from the first day I met her. We just clicked. I laugh (more like snort) so hard every time I talk to her. She is crazy funny!

And talented. This girl showed up to our house shortly after we moved in and she whipped up these super cute window treatments (that i will never, ever, ever take down).

I think it's time for her to come back out here so that she can teach me how to clean her adorable curtains (I've been saving up the dust for her for close to ten years now). Plus, I think her brother would like me to stop whining about how much I miss her and how much I want to see her again.

So, birthday girl----do your little brother a favor and help put a stop to my whining. Your window treatments need you :)

Tim and Aaron's Awsome Adventure

Tim and Aaron set out for a weekend fishing trip to the family fishing hole at Horse Creek in Wyoming.

Aaron shows off his genetically inherited fly-fishing skills.

Man Aaron, it's a good thing Grandma Billie can't see this! She wouldn't be very happy with you!

Big foot sighting.

He's gonna love him, and cuddle him, and pet him......

This guy was born to fish. Now we just need to find a way to combine fire fighting, fishing and World of Warcraft.....Utopia!

I think the hat distracts nicely from his shiney, shaved head (see post below). Too bad they won't let him wear that hat to the firestation when he goes back on shift.

Can your camera do this? I think not!

This boy is so much like his dad that it's hard to tell if it's Aaron or if it's Tim.

Don't worry about me....I was able to snag a couple of good one's too....I snagged me a pedicure, I caught me some nice sales, and after much arranging, rearranging and re-rearranging I was able to land this little beauty.

Timmy's wall of fame.

Beauty School Dropout

Note to self:

This is how NOT to save ten bucks at the beauty shop.

Next time Tim needs a trim before departing on a fishing trip sending him over to Dianes. You are not--I repeat--NOT qualified to run a pair of clippers. This is what happens if you attempt to run a shaver without first obtaining the proper technical training.

(Is it just me or does it look like he's about to back hand me? He better watch it or I'll run them clippers over his hairy knuckles!)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Crazy Cat Lady

I'm gonna be crazy cat lady this weekend. It's gonna be just me and the cats (and Lydon when he decides to land).

I'm checking out for the weekend.....catch you all on Monday!

Last week I was a little mushy-gushy over my unexpected Thursday night date with Tim so this week I think I better shake it up a bit...(I think Timmy would like me to blab less about his delicate, datee, slurping spaghetti with his wife like Lady and the Tramp, Timmy side and focus more on his butch, cow wrangly, fire fightin, Timothy manly side).
  1. This week I am thankful for that spankin new washing machine. Why? Let me tell you.... First of all, that thing is so quiet. I had to stand there and watch that first batch of wash because I was sure that laundry was supposed to make much more noise and we had just purchased a lemon. It aint no lemon--it's a PEACH! I'm so used to listening to the mini freight train old machine that is feels way too good to be true. Who knew wash could be so quiet. Second of all, it's fast, fast, fast (which happens to be the way I like my cleaning equipment). Do you know how much more laundry I can burn through now? AMAZING! And last but not more babbling brook flowing from the under carriage. That old machine leaked like nobody's business. I still find myself expecting to tip toe through the Lafitte Lake everytime I go through the laundry room. I haven't gotten my socks wet in over a week!

  2. This week I am thankful for the holiday today. I needed a day off. And I don't plan on doing a dang thing. In fact, I am already in my jammies. I could get used to this.

  3. I think every blogger girl out there in cyber space has already said this for their thankful Thursday at one time or another so please forgive if it sounds cliche' but I'm thankful for the crushed ice and Diet Coke. For anyone that knows me, I have been in Diet Coke rehab since the courthouse gang started their weight loss challenge. I was convinced that Diet Coke caused my weight gain and bloating. WRONG! Turns out pizza and chocolate shakes causes weight gain and bloating. Who knew?!!? Diet Coke and I were meant to be together. I'm so much happier now that I'm back on the Diet Coke.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Christian the Lion

We saw this video quite a while ago but it never gets old.
Whew.....gets me everytime!

Dear Potential Commenters:

For those of you who had intentions of leaving me a comment but could not because of a programming flaw (aka Stacy not knowing how to run this blogger thingy) the head of my technical support department (aka Gwen) showed me what button to push to make it so that anyone can leave me a comment.

Unless, of course, you plan on leaving a mean comment....those comments will be filtered through to the head of my security department (aka Timmy "Big Guns" Lafitte) who will come to your house and bust your knee caps.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Wild Cow Milking
Ogden City Fire vs. South Ogden Fire vs. Riverdale Fire
a small hurd of angry, wild, girl cows who need milking

Timmy sizing up his team mate "Chugg the MilkMaster"

Deep cleansing breath---Get into the zone
And they're off!!

I'll let you come up with your own captions for these pictures. They are little hard for me to look at. First of all, Tim took a cow head to the leg and I thought we were going to have to take a trip to the first aid station. And second of all, I don't like to see those poor cows get all roughed up. I'm no card carrying member of PETA--it's just that wrangling and milking all in one arena just doesn't appeal to me.

And the winner is........
golf clap, golf clap

In your face South Ogden and Riverdale Fire. These boys got mad milkin' skillz!

Tim's fan club, the Mini Moo's, holding the coveted silver milk bucket trophy (Hey Chaston-I dare you to stick your head in that bucket and smell it--I'll give you a dollar!).

Ogden City Mayor Matt Godfrey congratulating Tim for "representin" O-town cowboy style (don't be hatin'). can stop staring at that picture now.

Yes, that is an un-doctored photo.

Yes, that is their true life sizes.

Yes, Tim is that big.

Yes, the Mayor is that little.

Go ahead---start making jokes--you know you wanna.

Here---let me help get you started: Look at the size of Aaron's head. Look at the size of Mayor G's go crazy with it!