Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day '10

For Father's Day, we did just what Buster--I mean Yo Bob--wanted to do......we went clear out in the middle of no where (as known as the Deep Creek property) and cooked a hamburger.
Apparently I don't appreciate just what an exclusive club we belong to because there sure was alot of "security"we had to pass through just to get to our hamburgers.
Gate #1
Gate #2

Just to get to this.......

Although I must admit that other that my intestine getting rattled, the drive up was spectacular.

Before we could eat, there were a few "house keeping" issues that needed attention.

First up--Lydon had to mow the lawn. Really? You have to mow the lawn in the forest? Seriously?

The tables and chairs and the BBQ had to be pulled out and dusted off.

And my job was to make sure that no one hauled off with our potty during the winter. never know what those bears are gonna do.

Once all the house keeping was done, Buster fired up the grill. Who knew you mowed the lawn in the forest and who knew you used a propane BBQ in the forest.

I guess that means that this thing is only good for making s'mores.

Once the burgers and dogs were ready, Chaston rang the dinner bell.

After dinner we hung out and did things like....
Admire Buster's new BIG truck

Played horse shoes. By the way....Chaston threw that horse shoe and it landed that way. Seriously. I'm not kidding. That's how cool he is.

And the boys and Tiff played boccie ball.

And I walked around and did a little sight seeing. I caught Yo Bob using his new camera (that fits in his pocket) taking a pictures. Hopefully his camera (that fits in his pocket) took a better picture than my camera. I think his camera (that fits in his pocket) freaked my camera out.

The first year that we were up there we found a humming bird nest right above the fire pit. I thought the was quite intriguing that there would be a humming bird nest in the middle of the woods and kinda adopted my own little philosophy as to why it was there. So I was interested to see if the nest was still there. Yep.....still there. While I was standing on the bench trying to get this picture I totally got buzzed by a humming bird. I do believe that bird was trying to give me wet willy. That's how close it got to my head. Which totally confirms my theory of why the humming bird nest is there in the middle of the woods over our fire pit.

The only other critter we spotted today was this squirrel Yo Bob got a shot of as we were leaving. If you look close at the very center of the picture you can see his cute little squirrel tail. That is the only shot that my dad was able to get with my camera. His camera was too busy sitting in his pocket.
It was a short, sweet, fun way to spend Father's Day. We missed Timmy and Aaron who are still in Ohio so I guess this means we will have to try this again next year :)

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Chuck wagon!!
The Morgan County Search and Rescue's Chuck wagon Breakfast is a big tradition around our place. I have lots of great memories of the old make-shift orange and white Search and Rescue school bus parked in the Williams Circle during chuck wagon breakfast time.

Since Tim and Aaron are off to Ohio doing great and wonderful things, and since Lydon doesn't know how to get out of bed before the crack of noon and since Buster was at work, I had to hit the breakfast by myself this year. But it worked out just fine because I got to be see the kids that I used to hang out with back in the day (and their kids--how weird).
I also got to be with the kids (and their kids--how weird) that I used to play with on the big make-shift orange and white Search and Rescue bus back in the day.
My mom and I started a tradition later on where we would take the boys and hit the local yard sales while my dad would finish up at the breakfast. She would hand the boys a couple of dollars and turn them loose while she and I browsed and bought treasures/junks. Of course I felt somewhat obligated to carry on that tradition in some form. Again, Tim and Aaron are off on an adventure and Lydon was still tucked in bed so I decided to take my yard sale shopping on the road. I turned up my braveness barometer and drove out to the Golden Spike Swap Meet/Yard Sale. I got there a little late because most people were packing up and heading out.

But I was able to score these two firefighter Christmas candles (who needs a firefighter Christmas candle in June?----I just know that's what Tim is going to ask me when he gets home) for 50 cents each (bargain!) and this coffee can for $2. It's banged up in all the right places and will look great above my kitchen cabinets (I hope).
Since I only spent $3, I felt like I had to spend more money and since I was in the North Ogden area, I decided I better hit the new DI.
I got this cookie jar for a buck (don't worry Les--it got double sanitized). It's gonna hold Tim's taffy cookies that never seem to stay in their little package.
And then I scored these cute 4th of July bird houses for a dollar each

The Gerber daises came from Sams Club. They were $5 because they were half way dead. I brought them home and hopefully I can nurse them back to health. They look better already. My plan is to paint those little tv trays white to match the rocking chairs.
And then maybe I'll end up with a delightful back porch I just might enjoy hanging out on.