Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween at our place

Blogger--I do love you but why must you shuffle my pictures and make it difficult for me to document my memories, especially when I have a whole bucket load  of pictures?!!?  WHY?

We had our first ever Halloween party here at the farm this past weekend.  And during the times I wasn't looking out at my beautiful backyard of fallen leaves with my family around me trying not to cry with gratitude, I think we had a really good time! 

Since blogger mixed up my pictures, and since I don't have the patients to try and un-shuffle them, here's a run down of the action:

Dinner--my mom's chili (which we totally ran out of) in bread bowls, corn bread muffins accompanied by honey fresh outta the hive, apples with creamy carmel dip and to top it off---home made root beer bubbling like witches brew.

Jill:  Football Player (I'm sure it was 49er's related)
Boyd:  Harley Davidson Motorcycle Man
Casuree:  Miss America
Nate:  Pimp Daddy
Kambree:  Baby Bee
Jason:  Carrigan Motors Mechanic
Carol:  Bag-o-Trash (with a scarf--she's classy trash)
Shawn:  Jason Aldean Country Singer
Tiffany:  Pink Crayon
Brennon:  Motorcycle Man
Chaston:  Mad Scientist
Lydon:  "The Situation" (from The Jersey Shore)
Aaron:  Austin Powers
Stacy:  The Queen Bee
Tim:  My Drone ( aslo known as a bad sport )
Yo Bob:  The Supervisor

After dinner we decorated the pumpkins that we grew in our garden.  The kids/grown ups could either paint, carve or decorate the pumpkins. 

After pumpkin decorating we had a donut eating contest.

And to end the festivities the moms got to make a smelly jar and the kids made trick-or-treat lanterns out of glow sticks and empty water bottles. no particular order.....enjoy this photo montage of our Halloween party.

Happy Halloween

"Bee" Safe

Monday, October 24, 2011

Is it Thanksgiving?

 Because this weekend all I could think of was how thankful I was every time I looked out across this big beautiful back yard.  This house truly is my "Barbie Dream House".  I can't believe all this belongs to us.
 This view that I look at from my tree swing of these beautiful trees is ours.  The leaves were falling from the trees like rain drops this weekend.  It was the most beautiful sight.
I can't believe that this yard that I once played in the leaves in as a kid, my kids now play in


I tear up every time I drive around the corner and catch a glimpse of our house and I can't believe how lucky we are!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Aaron Jean Dancing Machine

I, Momma Lafitte, do hereby solemnly swear that I will not use the following blog post to embarrass my son, Aaron Jean Lafitte who went on his first date last night to the girls dance/Halloween dance with the super cute Rachel Harding. 
 I, Momma Lafitte, do hereby swear that I will not embarrass Aaron Jean by pointing that he has his eyes closed in most of these pictures.  Aaron, just closing your eyes does not make me disappear.
 I, Momma Lafitte, do hereby recognize that said Aaron Jean may need to "lift" these photos to either post on his facebook or share with his friends since their camera was not working properly.  So I will try to refrain from getting all sappy about how cute their double dating Teen-aged Mutant Ninja Turtle couple, Bobby and Diana were.  When did these kids grow up?  I'm pretty sure Bobby was having sleep overs and stealing out of my fridge just yesterday......oh wait....he did steal out of my fridge just yesterday.

Hold the phone......sorry.......I am unable to keep my promise
How stinkin' cute.  My baby boy is going on his first date! To a dance! With a girl!  What a cute bunch of kids.  When did HE grow up?  When did I get this old?
  Good-bye my sweet little safe and have a good time at the dance.....I take it you aren't going to let me go with you?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Who do I love the mostest?

These gals!
Because they fed me Zupas for lunch today
 and gave me this super cute pink breast cancer zip-up hoodie
and very funny queen bee card for bosses day.
Thanks girls!  I love you tons!