Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sweet Sixteen

Happy Sweet Sixteen to this monkey
There just isn't a decent photo around of this kid where he isn't pulling some sort of goofey face.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our new pad

Our new parking pad that is......
We've been under construction at the Lafitte farm for a couple of weeks while we worked on a new parking pad.

We have "re-landscaped" the area next to our driveway with some extra concrete so that boys would have a place to park other than the street this winter once the snow starts to fly.

 For those of you paying attention at home.....this is the part where Mr. Wiggle added a little something "extra" to my concrete project.  If you thought I was kidding.....I WAS NOT KIDDING!!
 He's all better in this picture.
 And his special additive has been buried. NICE!!  I hope I didn't get charged extra for that!

We now have a pretty little parking pad for Lydon and Aaron and they won't be swept away by a snow plow this winter.

So not fair!

Life at the Lafitte house is not fair!!
I hauled Timmy off to a boutique a couple of weekends ago.  The word "boutique" means:  buying lots of girly stuff.  So you would think that Timmy and I would walk out of the "boutique" with lots of fun crafts and treats for Stacy.


Stacy walked out with a Scentsy bar.  Timmy, on the other hand, struck gold and spoiled the true loves of his life. 
I give you exhibit A:
 Doggie Sweaters.  Timmy bought doggie sweaters.  Sweaters.  For the dogs. From the boutique.  Not fair.

Moose is now sporting the finest of this seasons selection of knitted hoodies.
 And Pancho will stay warm in this lovely high necked houndstooth sweater in vibrant red and white which off sets his black and white nicely dontcha think?
Not fair at all!

Busy Busy Bees

Our bees have been super busy!
Just before Halloween, Tim and Carol busted open the hives, pulled out the frames and extracted the honey.  I missed the part where they actually pulled out the frames (cuz you know there would have been photos!)

Once the  frames were out, Tim had to slice off the "caps" (whatever that means) with a hot knife.
The un-capped frames were then dropped into the spinning do-kicky machine
 which was heated by 85,000 watts of flame throwing heat and spun by Alan until the warmed honey was flung right off of their frames .
 Once the honey was spun clean off the frames, it was drained from the kettle and through a filter (in order to get all the dead bee body parts out).
 In the end we got nearly four gallons of honey.  What a beautiful sight!