Friday, March 27, 2009

Junior Prom - Lydon Style

The day date: A trip to Speed StreetFollowed by a pre-prom nap.
The corsage:
The tux:The finished product:
Every boy MUST pose for an embarrassing "mom photo".
Ee-gads!! It's a good thing this poor boy did not inherit his mothers jumbo double chin/jowls/waddle. The girl:
With her pretty hair
and her darling pink gown. working out a few of those pre-promenade jitters
Their promenade and announcement They take the stage
The whole junior class:
Off to dinner they go
with the all their friends in a limo
Tomorrow: Hopefully more photos of dinner and actual prom. I promised i wouldn't stalk--I mean follow them to dinner and the dance as long as Lydon promised to take some pictures for me on behalf of the blog :)

Houston--We have lift off!

The little dude's ears are officially up
which further confirms my theory that he is part bat.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Awesome poster

Awesome poster that makes me LOL!

Why can't we all just get along?

What's wrong with these two?
I wish I could just get them to get along
Where's the love?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My hubba-hubba hubby

How handsome is this guy!??!
I am totally in LOVE with this picture.
Tim had this picture taken for a book that is coming out called "I AM OGDEN" (even though "HE IS MORGAN").
I think this is an absolutely gorgeous photo of my absolutely gorgeous fella!

It's all good in the hood

The little dude is fitting in quite nicely. Lydon and I think he looks more like a "Tank" than a "Lefty". He's got a chunky little round body and a skinny, little bat head.

Tim doesn't like him at all :)

And Pancho seems to have a lotta love for him.

Which is a good thing because Pancho is really pushing it with me right now. Pancho's favorite pass time is stealing socks. He's kicked it up a notch because Tim tells me he found a pair of my underpants out in the back yard the other day.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Call me Angelina Jolie

And Tim is my Brad Pitt.

Here are our two biological children Shilo and Suri...

This is the first child that we adopted. She was rescued from the mean streets of the Morgan County Courthouse parking lot.

And then we adopted this pretty girl. She was a birthday present to Tim. Sadly, the two of them never developed that father/birthday cat bond.

So we adopted this fella to fill the void.

And then the infamous Pacho was adopted

And since two kids, three cats and one dog just isn't enough, meet the newest member of the Jolie-Pit-Lafitte family

This is Lefty

He's part Boston-Terrior, part French Bull Dog and a whole lotta cute.

Pancho doesn't know wether to kiss him or eat him.

All we gotta do is add couple of more kids to the pack and Tim will qualify for official Octo-Mom status.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I love picking out outfits!!

Step 1: Pick out a tux
Step 2: Let some sweet little old lady measure your parts and piecesStep 3: Show off your awesome white athletic socks while you try on some snazzy shoes.

Step 4: Endure the public humiliation of your mother snapping pictures of your ordeal, knowing that these photos are going to end up on the blog.


When he asked her this.......

She said this............
and then did this........

Friday, March 6, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Holy Bunches of Birthdays, Batman!

Happy birthday Grandpa Tim!

Make him stop!!

Lydon just keeps on burning through the birthdays! He's no longer my little 16 year old boy.
He's officially 17.
We celebrated with cake and ice cream.
And lots of presents, like this car wash kit from his little brother...
and cash from the cousins.....

and this gift card to Sports Authority (which is the perfect gift since Lydon's new passion is skiing)
and some cool duds from mom and dad.....

and it just wouldn't be a birthday without Grandpa Bob's funny b-day card (this one featured a little nose picking) stuffed with a little green (cash that it is--not boogers).

Seventeen. Seventeen! How did he grow up so fast?!!? He now is a smidge taller than me (especially if I take off my "hair helmet" as my sweet little brother puts it).Somebody needs to tell this boy to slow down. He's growing up way too fast.

Happy 17th Lydee!