Monday, April 11, 2011

Yo Grandma Ruth

Every time Aaron has a gang of his high-class boy buddies over to our house to ravage our fridge for what little bit of food there may be in there, they complain that our jam isn't good enough (BRATS!) and they want to know why we don't have any homemade jam on hand for them (STINKIN' BRATS!) What's wrong with a little Smucker's squeeze, boys?

Not wanting to disappoint the 15 year old boy population of Morgan County, I thought I better whip up a batch of strawberry jam. So I found a recipe, gathered my supplies and set to it.

I scrubbed, rinsed, sliced and smooshed

mixed and boiled, mixed some more

and made what I think looks like a decent batch of strawberry freezer jam. Now, I know that this isn't Grandma Ruth quality strawberry jam. She got to run out to her garden and pick a batch of strawberries. I had to buy mine at the Costco. Her jam was honest to goodness preserves. Mine is just easy freezer jam. She made enough to stock up those shelves behind the flowery curtain at her house. I made six little containers. So I'm no Grandma Ruth just yet. But that's long as my jam is good enough to keep the 15 year old boys off my back! (next they'll be whining because my bread's not homemade and I am NOT making them homemade bread!)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Home, home on the range....

Little did I know that when Timmy agreed to buy this forever home for me, he was really planning on turning our half acre of a back yard into some sort of a ranch/farm/plantation.

Phase one here at Ranch Lafitte involves a garden. Timmy's been tilling the land, prepping the soil, planting some starter seeds and this summer we will have quite the garden. With the help of Yo Bob, Aaron, Carol and Alan, he build a fence around his new garden area to keep the pests out (pest are also fondly known as Poncho and Moose 'round these parts).

They got the fence done just in time because phase two of "Ranch Lafitte" arrived this weekend. That, my friends, is a chicken coop. Yep.......a chicken coop.

And Tim is now a chicken farmer

....and the proud papa to a gaggle of Rhode Island Reds

He said he picked the Rhode Island Red because they matched my hair color. Do I take that as a compliment? Cuz I'm not quite sure how to feel about that.

somebody help me!!

Amazingly enough, this little venture is paying off for Timmy already. He brought his "girls" home late Saturday night and this is what Aaron found out in the coop Sunday morning.

yay--eggs. somebody help me!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

My heart is 'bout to explode with pride

My Aaron Jean started his first job today!! He is now an official Deb's Spicy Pie Guy.

I managed to sneak a picture of his first night on the job. He indulged me by letting me order some dinner from him and then he politely asked me to "leave mom--you are embarrassing me". I'll be working with him on his customer service skills. I still left him a tip. He looks so mature. When did he grow up? I am so proud of both my working boys. They really do make my heart want to explode with pride.