Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

To everyone that I was too lazy to send ligitimate Christmas cards too!

Monday, December 15, 2008

This post brought to you by grandpa

Takin' the night off and turning the blog over to Yo Bob:


Buster showed up this morning with another one of his brain storms'
After checking with pioneer woman for advice and... receiving none.... and like a couple of guys with a plan yep we had a plan we decided to wing it and 6 hr's later yes 6 hr's later we finally completed our newest project.. Never a dull day around here he just has to much time on his hands sitting around the Ogden fire station watching TV and telling war stories. Maybe you could get him into quilting to keep him busy.

Happy Birthday Chase This masterpiece is for you


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Look what I did!

Thanks to my friend Gwen, I caught the quilting bug this weekend (on top of the cold bug that I some how also caught). Gwen brought the makings for a quilt to the courthouse last week and let everyone pitch in to tie it and then donated it to Community Services (you got a heart of gold Gwen!).

I've never tied a quilt before. Grandma Ruth always made us quilts and every single one that she made me was used until there was nothing left. We have one last quilt of hers that is basically shreds and stuffing.

Gwen passed on a super cool trick of the trade: she uses two sheets rather than yards of fabric so there is no need to to sew the top and bottom pieces. Genius! I fell in love with a set of flannel sheets at Costco so I bought the set for the top piece and then got a chocolate brown sheet for $7 at Walmart for the bottom piece. My dad helped me fish Grandma Ruth's quilt frames out of the basement and between him, Tim and Aaron, they got me all set up in my kitchen.

My quilting took a couple of detours when the Lafitte Family Farm animals decided to get involved.

For sale: two cats and a dog. CHEAP!
It took me less than two days (and a couple of Alka Seltzer Cold Tabs and a some napping)
Because I bought the top sheet as a set, I got two matching pillow cases. I used the fitted sheet and cut it up and sewed a little accent pillow. I just need a chocolate brown bed skirt and I'll have me one of them Better Homes and Gardens bedrooms!
Next up--a kitty quilt for Buster for Christmas.
I think Grandma Ruth would be proud.

Thanks Uncle Jill

Thanks you for the beautiful poinsettia. What a wonderful Christmas treat!


Not that it's less that two weeks before Christmas or anything.......
but we finally got the tree decorated.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chaston can not go to school today

Good luck at the Story Telling Constest Chaston!!

I think you are a winner!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving for real

The Netz-Lafitte's were "guests" at this years Thanksgiving dinner. Our lovely hostesses were Casuree and Nate and Uncle Jill and Boyd. We got to travel to Casuree and Nate's beautiful new house for dinner.

Unfortunately, we ran into some holiday traffic congestion in Henefer.
Only in Henefer! (and sometimes Morgan)
Here we see Uncle Boyd/master electric knife operator doing one heck of a number on the turkey.
Yo Bob was on hand just in case a mashed potato or gravy emergency broke out (he now has mad mashed potato and gravy skillz--see previous post)
Casuree did a wonderful job impressing us with her Rachel Rae cooking. She got a little fancy-pants on us with her mashed potatoes and green beans. She did such a good job that Pancho over-ate and look what happened ( I don't think he was wearing his Thanksgiving eating pants).
The guys made sure we didn't miss the big game (and by big game I mean some football game between a couple of football teams who were playing a football game- I'm such a girl)
After dinner Casuree, our craft administrator, showed us how she can turn this....
and this....
and these....and a couple of these....with a little bit of this...
and some of this.....
with some supervision from these guys.....
Can turn into these super adorable sports bobble-headsHere's Lydon representing the Patriot's (duh)
Aaron representing the Cowboys (NOT THE COLTS!!)
Brennon representing the Bronco's
Chaston representing the Steelers (Holy cheezeball! No wonder this kid is in the top two for the story telling contest for the 1st grade)
Here's Jason representing the Vikings
And the lovely Sarah representing the Eagles.
Even Grandpa Bob got in on the bobble head action. Do I get extra bonus points for naming all those football teams instead of referring to them as "the team with the horse, that other team with a horse, the team with the bird and the team with the big blond guy wearing the hat with the horns"?
After bobble-heading, our co-craft-coordinator, Uncle Jill, hooked the kidses up with this awesome little food goody...

Is there any doubt that this turkey....

who belongs to this turkey....

would ultimately do this to his turkey?


Thanks Casuree and Nate for being the best-est Thanksgiving hostesses. We had such a good time that Aaron was out cold before we even left your driveway. We should get together again---say, sometime around the 24th?