Monday, September 29, 2008

Pancho's field trip

Ohhhh...... I see how this works. If I want to get into any super cool places, all I gotta do is flash "the dog".
Tim and Shawn's home-away-from-home (also known as Fire Station No. 5) recently underwent a remodel/update. It was a big deal.
Tim called me today and asked if I wanted to come down and take the grand tour of Station No. 5 before he is re-assigned to a different station. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to take Pancho on his first field trip. I'm glad I took him with me because he was like doggy royalty. He got a lot of love and attention from the guys at Station 5. My head could have been on fire (in a fire station) but none of those fire guys would have even noticed because they were too busy lovin all over Pancho.

The longer that dog sits in that fire truck, the more dalmation spots he grows.

Thanks for getting me into the station, Pancho. Now, do you think you could work your magic and get me into the IKEA?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Billie Santee (December 6, 1925 - September 22, 2008)

Billie Agnes Stephens Neuteboom Santee passed away peacefully Monday evening, September 22, 2008 with her children by her side. Anxiously awaiting to be with her again was her daughter Boody who passed away just seven months before her.

She was born December 6, 1925 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, a daughter to Lyle and Ina Peterson Stephens.
Billie married George Neuteboom in 1944. They had two children; Billie G. and Lyle. They later divorced.
Billie married James (Jim) Howard Santee in March of 1965 in Wendover, Nevada. They had one daughter, Jill. Jim passed away August 15, 1978. They were later sealed in the Ogden LDS Temple.
Billie worked as a telegrapher for the railroad, at Hopkin’s CafĂ© and as a dispatcher. Grandma had a special love for taking care of her grandchildren. She was the original hostess of the family Christmas Eve party. None of us will forget the Christmas Eve fireworks in the snow covered front yard, and the many years of Christmas sleepovers. Her grandchildren have fond memories of the sound of talk radio coming from the kitchen, passing the family birthday card back and forth, the hush puppy shoe boxes, playing on Grandma’s organ, naps with Grandma in her chair and picnics in the living room.
In spite of her physical limitations and struggles, our mother endured and progressed through her life with great strength and independence. She was a true example to everyone who knew her. We will never forget her courage to face every obstacle she had with her no-quit attitude.
We thank her for all of the lessons that she has taught us.
Surviving are her daughter Jill (Boyd) Carrigan, son Lyle Neuteboom, son-in-law Bob Netz, her sister Betty (Jay) Pentz, 9 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.
Preceding her in death are her husband Jim, brothers Tom and Steve (Lyle) Stephens, daughter Billie Netz and grandson Travis Neuteboom.
The family wishes to extend a sincere thank you to Tammy Goodwin, Dawn Hamblin, Merle and Pat Smith, Frankie Stone and Shirley Carter, the staff at Wasatch Care Center (Kim, Julie and Amy) and Alpine Hospice for all their loving care, friendship and compassion to our mom and our family throughout the years. A special thank you to her son-in law Bob, for his compassionate care and dedication, and her treats each visit.
We love you and miss you Mom, you and Boody can now walk together again!
Funeral services will be held Saturday, September 27th at 11:00 a.m. at the Walker Mortuary, 45 W 200 N, Morgan, Utah. No viewing will be held per Billie’s request. Friends and family may call at the mortuary one hour prior to services.
Interment, North Morgan Cemetery.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things that make you go Hmmmmmm.... Part 2

What happens when this Boston Terrier spends way too much time with his fire fighter daddy?
I think he sprouts spots and turns into a Dalmation!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Where's Waldo - Pancho Style

Where'd Pancho end up today?
How 'bout a guess from our friends that don't live here anymore?




Neuteboom girls?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hey Whitney Allgood!

I think you should get super extra credit points at school for all the cool blogs that have your picture on them!

Monday, September 15, 2008

You don't mess with the Pancho

See this sleeping little angel.....

Isn't there some saying about letting sleeping dogs lie?

Yeah, Tim didn't pay attention to that saying
Looks like a bad ear piercing job from the mall.

Just another manic Monday

Holy freakin' muther of all rotten Mondays!! I don't think this one can get worse!

It started with my cell phone ringing as I left the house this morning. No cell phone call at 8:00 in the morning is a good cell phone call. It was an un-named school calling about an un-named child of mine. Not a good way to kick start the work week. It took me most of my morning to "clean-up" that little project. The didn't seem to get any better and culminated into Stacy having a mini-meltdown over boxes of paper (don't ask). ARG!!! I couldn't get home fast enough.

And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, dun dun dunnnnnn.....

Tim offered to take me to get a coke (presumably to drown my sorrows in) and as we were backing out of the driveway, KABAM!!

Tim backed his truck into my car. The impact of the crash caved in my rear driver's side bumper and broke the tail light. Tim's truck sustained minimal damage. Mostly just scratches and a little denting. For those of you that don't know, we sold off the Lafitte fleet (almost in one week) in an attempt to down size to a car for Stacy and a truck for Tim. Both vehicles are somewhat new and in (was in) great shape. So today we managed to crashed BOTH of our somewhat new vehicles. Tim taped my tail light back on (is that legal?) and took out his anger by climbing under my car and punching the dent back out.

I need to start drinking!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Date

One date down, and a million more to go!
Here is our homecoming date, Emily Kimball (Granddaughter of John Lannefield, neice of Jason Lannefield)
Trevor Richins(Grandson of Gene Ercanbrack) and Camree Brown (daughter of Doug and Julie Brown we think??)
Back shot of Emily and Jordon Jackson (daughter of Rich and Heidi Jackson). The girls rode together and the guys rode together.
The kids started bright and early with a little four-wheeling. They rode the Ercanbrack property in Round Valley, up through Croydon and over looking Hennefer. Lydon said they all had a blast!

Lydon got home from four-wheeling around two. He said that they had a great time but that he was dirty and tired so he showered and took a nap before the big date.

The outfit....
I picked out some mighty fine duds if I do say so myself. Or, Lydon is just so handsome that he makes the outfit look good.
Emily's wristlet, which Lydon ordered all by himself.
The scariest part of the whole night--watching Lydon drive off in my car!
Lydon's cor-sausage (the day after)
The kids went to TGI Friday's for dinner. Roy had their junior prom on the same night so I'm guessing that Saturday night was not a good night to try to get a table and any eating establishment in the Ogden/Layton area.
And for those doubters who didn't think that I would really sneak into the dinner date to get a blog photo
I present you with this........

I know it's a little blurry but it was the best that I could do hiding behind the waiter at the TGI Fridays.

We are waiting for photo's of the happy couple TOGETHER. John Lannefield should be sending us soon so I'll post them as soon as we get them.

Gotta go. I owe Lydon and Aaron a batch of choclate chip cookies for playing along with me. They are the bestest kids EVER!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


She said YES!
The corsage has been ordered.
Parts of the outfit have been purchased.
The tickets will be paid for tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Girls are mean!

Still no answer from Lydon's potential homecoming date. What the heck? Does this girl not understand that the dance is in three days? Rude!

(I think I'm a little too emotionally attached to this dance)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Here Comes Homecoming!

Brace yourselves....the homecoming dance is this weekend and Lydon is going. This is the little cutie that he is asking (please see previous post where Lydon bring's home girls and I take pictures of them through the bedroom blinds--she is one of those girls--which means that I didn't TOTALLY drive her off with my crazy-mom-taking-pictures-through-the-blinds antics).
Isn't she cute? Too bad that Devin Kirk kid is between her picture and Lydon's picture or we could have drawn a great big red heart around the two of them.
In Morgan, the homecoming dance is a dressy, couples dance that you have to buy tickets to in order to attend. What happened to the homecoming stomp that was after the homecoming football game that everyone got to go to and you wore whatever outfit you wore to the football game? Those were the only dances I could get in to!
So anyway, Lydon came up with a cute way to ask a girl. He bought a box of Honey Comb cereal and made a poster that said "Honey, comb your hair--we are going to homecoming. Bee nice and say yes (with little bees flying around the poster)". cute! Cute until I tried to help him make his poster. Lydon and I almost had a mother/son smack down over creative differences. So much so that he grabbed the super cute poster and stomped outta here before I could take a picture for the blog which he knew I was going to insist on doing--little bugger! Pretend this picture of my cheap recreation is a picture of Lydon's cute poster because this is all we are going to get.
The preliminary homecoming date plan is four wheeling in the afternoon and dinner at Applebee's. Does it get any sweeter? (Homecoming dinner at Applebees---I gotta figure out how I can sneak in there and get a picture for the blog.)
Anyway......I hope she says yes and she says yes soon because we need to buy him a dance outfit and a corsage. And we need to figure out how Lydon is going to fund fourwheeling gas, gas to get to Applebees, dinner at Applebees, and the tickets to get into the dance (anyone need a bathroom cleaned?).
I'll keep you blog-posted on the on-going homecoming saga!

Daddy's gone on a fire

Hey Pancho--

Daddy is gone on a fire so you know what that means.......

Who's mommy's pretty little firefighting mut?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Things that make you go "Hmmmmm...?"

Sisters from another mister?
Brothers from another mother?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Christmas List

Timmy....add this to my Christmas wish list (I'm an x-large)