Sunday, June 7, 2009

When I grow-up

Somewhere in the annuals of time, the founding fathers of the Netz-Lafitte-Carrigan-Roberts clan declared that every male child of said clan shall grow-up to be a fireman in one form or another.
Jason and Nate have now come of age and true to their inherited bestowment of fireman-hood, the two of them have just completed their Firefighter 1 training.

Jason hadn't even graduated from high school when he went through the training. We call kids like him "over achievers".

Holy proud papa!
I'm not sure but I think this lesson is teaching the guys how to roast the turkey for this year's Christmas Eve party.

Trading Spaces

Trading work spaces that is.

We scrimped, we saved, we got creative, we traded in and we bought used. And because of all that, we were able to get some new work spaces.
The main office before:

And after:
Teresa's space before:
and Teresa's space after-
Hayli's space before:
And Hayli's space after-
Leslie's space before:
And Leslie's space after-
My space before:
I have so much junk that it takes up two pictures
And my space after-----soo pretty
I got to move back out into the main office with the rest of the girls. I am no longer ostracized to the other room. So we turned the other room into a "law library" (named for the election and tax law books that sit atop the filing cabinet.

They're BAaack....

Those nasty Turkey Vultures are back... to perch atop the tall pine trees and pee until the branches die and then they'll fly off again.The ugly buzzards
Get it? buzzard----vultures. They are ugly vultures.

Monday, June 1, 2009


......................makes me think of Shirlee every time
Timmy is a Superstar!
The book with Tim's picture will be coming out this week. It has been a big deal (more so for me than him).

It's been on the news (yes, I am so lame that I took pictures of the tv) .
It's been in the paper
Timmy's right there in the very middle of this picture.
I was even able to strong-arm Timmy into a letting me snag a photo with the photographer. And now, the book release party this Friday.
Unfortunately, Tim has to work and can't escort me to the party. That's ok----I can show up and embarrass -I mean represent- Timmy in his absence.

Aaron Jean Rock Star Machine

Aaron had a singing solo at his drama class performance. I wasn't prepared for him to be the one to kick off the show so the filming isn't all that great. The lighting is bad, I could barely hear him and I had a hard time keeping the camera on him. I kinda think he may have been a little embarrassed that his mommy was there making such a big deal out of her baby's singing debut. At least I didn't make him give me a goodbye kiss when I left.

Garbage men

No real purpose for this picture other than to document a time when theses two were doing something other than eating the trash out of the garbage can from my bathroom!