Thursday, June 23, 2011


Get it?

Chuck Wagon



I don't get along well with summer. They don't make enough extra strengh/prescription strength/manly strength deoderant for gigantor gals like me to make it comfortably through the blazin' season. But I have to admit that I do have one favorite part of summer----I am a HUGE fan of Chuck Wagon breakfast. And Chuck Wagon Breakfast is bascially the starting bell to summer round these parts.
Yo Bob/Cookie served up a good one this year. The hashbrowns were nice and toasty........and when I can convince him to bring back the bacon, all will be right with the world.

We got to treat Carol and Alan to their first Chuck Wagon.

Carol's sister Sylvia and her husband Barry made a layover in Morgan from California on their way to Wyoming so we also go to show off Morgan County Search and Rescue's finest breakfast skills to them.

Hangin out with Buster at the Chuck Wagon......just like the good old days......

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Deep Creek = Jelly Stone Park

Yo Bob and Buster own a lovely piece of property up Deep Creek. I say that Yo Bob and Buster own it because I am not much of a fan of the great outdoors or of sitting in the dirt, or eating food with bugs in it or of peeing in the woods. I am more of a stay at home-close to my own couch, close to my own potty, close to my own fridge kind of a gal.

Buster keeps trying to lure me up to Deep Creek with promises of cook outs, fire pits, and fun. I think I have finally figured out the true reason why he is trying to get me up there:

He wants to use me as bear food!!

Thank you-thank you Chad Carrigan for letting me borrow these pictures of the black bear that you got at Deep Creek. The top picture shows the bear up on his hind legs and the bottom picture shows him sniffing around.

Now that I know that the that fella is up there poking around, I'll stay down here and enjoy the chickens and the bees!

Nice try Buster!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What happens when the "Yard Budget" gets cut at the Lafitte house

Since all of our money now goes towards chicken feed and bee keeper outfits, we have had to take drastic measures by slashing our yard budget. Effective immediately, the following yard budget cuts have been made:

We have had to hire cheap manual labor to help move pipe while we re-lay the sprinklers in the back yard.

And there goes the cheap help running off with the new sprinkler pipe......

We have had to get discounted garden gnomes and come to find out they talk back

And the lame tigers we got for the petting zoo just aren't as vicious as we had hoped for
And if that wasn't enough --- the hired help that ran off with our sprinkler pipe is now using it as a chew toy.

Times are tough all over.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

You have been warned

Dear Thugs and Burglars:

Even though this sign is visibly posted in my front yard

And this little sticker is annoyingly stuck to every single window in our home

But the thing that should make you think twice before you assault our home is this little fella. He will bring the hurt. Respect da Moose.

You lookin at me?

Movin on up

According to the "Bringing up Bees" bible, it was time to pop the lid off their single story living accommodations and check their progress. So this weekend Tim and Carol did just that......

They pop the top

And smoked them into submission

So that they could get a good look at how they were doing.

And by the looks of it, they are doing just fine thank you very much. Look at that honeycomb on the lid

This is just a little pile that they scraped off

The book says that once their box starts looking like this, they are too cozy and it is time to build a second storyAnd now the Lafitte bees are living comfortably in a beautiful two story duplex. Hey Gwen...does this mean that their property taxes will go up? :)
If you look closely at the side of the box in the picture below, you will see the bees moving into their new place. They don't waste time!

We won't see usable amounts of honey until sometime in the fall but is was cool to see this bit of honeycomb that they scraped off the boxes.