Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dear Timmy--

Your hair looks pretty tonight. Is that a new outfit?

So look----I was wondering---is there any way I can talk you into getting a second job? Cuz I spent the weekend working on a couple of crafting projects and I think I wanna go pro. So I'm going to need a little extra cash to support my new hobbies.

My first new love is this watch/jewelry/bead thing. It all started with the Woman's Fair when I made this watch
But I wasn't crazy about some of the beads so I deconstructed it, went to Michael's, fell in love with their bead isle, bought some replacement beads (and exhibited some mighty self control because I could have bought all the beads!) and restrung my watch.
And then I tried to make my own shoes. I found the idea on a crafting blog. You use modge-podge. Since the Wal-Marts are all out of sorts lately, I was able to buy some cheapy ballet flats for $4 each. And since the Wal-Marts are all out of sorts lately, I was able to buy some cheapy remnant fabric for 75 cents.

I was able to take this:and turn it into this:
Not the most fabulous craft project ever but it was still fun to try.

And to top of my crafty weekend I made a nice little fall porch decoration. Since I was already in Michael's, I took advantage of their sale on fake pumpkins (40% off). And since I was already in Wal-Mart, I took advantage of their sale on outdoor wicker baskets ($2 each). The rest of the stuff I had laying around.

Love it!
So Timmy, the weekend is right around the corner. I'm either going to need some therapy, and intervention or a hand full of cash.
Did I mention how much I love it when you wear those cargo shorts :)


Teresa said...

You are getting to be quite crafty. I am impressed.

The Frost's said...

WOW.........Martha better watch out I think it is going to be Stacy Lafitte Living Now!!! I am totally jealous of all of your items you made!!