Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birthday Par-teeee

I luvvv birthday time!! And this time it was Traci's turn.

Tim and I found this super cool little shop on 25th Street in Ogden called "Making Scents" a couple of weekends ago. I am now in love with the fellows in the picture below (it's ok---Timmy loves them too). Their place is AMAZING! They can whip you up a scent of just about anything and stick it into a lotion or a body spray or a hand sanitizer or a massage oil name it and they can make it smell just as pretty as you ask them to. And then, while you are there, they whisk you into the back room and tempt you with this incredible exfoliating softening scrub and BAM! they got you hook, line, sinker and sold on the worlds best scrub which can also be scented to your liking (I'm a huge fan of eucalyptus-spearmint). Tim and I have been back three times and have purchased at least one of everything. I think we are now gold card carrying members of their club :)

Tim and I had so much fun that I thought that the girls would love it for Traci's birthday night out. (Dear Larry-thank you for hiding behind Kristy's head. You owe me a new picture)

This is Traci checking out the gazillion different flavors of smells to choose from. Look at the look of overwhelm-ment on her face at trying to decide on which fragrance she likes best.

In the back room you can make your own bath salt art in a bottle (just keep your nose outta there Diane).

The bath salts were a big hit! You get to pick your own pretty bottle and fill it up with salts. It's kinda like sand art. There's lots of bins of scented, colored baths salts that you funnel into your bottle. If you just want the bath salt and don't want to pretty it all up in a fancy bottle, you can also purchase it by the bag. But Diane and Kristy are pretty bottle kinda gals---not brown baggers.

Seriously, this place is so neat (they even gave Traci a pink birthday balloon). If you own a girl of any kind--a mom, a sister, an aunt, a wife, a girlfriend, a daughter, or even a husband who likes to smell good--you need to stop by this place. Tell them the tall lurpy red head from Morgan sent you---I'm trying to get them to make me their silent partner :)

After all that scent making, we strolled up 25th street to the Union Grill for another round of chicken salad sandwiches and vegi pasta salad.

We topped the night off with a new treat----Italian Ice from Zeppe's out in North Ogden.

And that is how we spend Traci's birthday. It was a very successful night. Not once did she steal my camera. Not once did she delete my pictures. And not once did I mention in this post that she turned 40. Oops......


Steph said...

That looks like my kind of place........gonna have to try that out!!

Connie Weiss said...

I just recently heard about that place! Can't wait to try it out.