Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday Night Football

In an effort to get Buster off my back, please enjoy this post of my darling brother's Monday night football party from last night. He hosted a fine party in his man cave (also known as his his basement), complete with pool table, poker table, air hockey and big ole flat screen tv. Uncle Jill provided plenty of pizza for dinner and Nate gave us all the entertainment that we needed (appearantly that's what happens when Nate "enjoys" a 49'ers game).

The only thing missing was an arts and crafts project but since this was his first attempt at a family party, I'm gonna go ahead and let this one slide.

Here you go Buster.....your long awaited post.....now back off!

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Uncle Jill said...

Wow, that was a long time coming! Thanks for the party Shawn, you did good!! You dont have to always include Nate to include us you know, just in case you are wondering if you should ever invite him again! He is pretty cheap entertainment, isn't he?? I think Casuree has a different term for what he is, I think he is tons of fun!!
Iggy's Time, I am always ready for some football!!