Sunday, April 10, 2011

Home, home on the range....

Little did I know that when Timmy agreed to buy this forever home for me, he was really planning on turning our half acre of a back yard into some sort of a ranch/farm/plantation.

Phase one here at Ranch Lafitte involves a garden. Timmy's been tilling the land, prepping the soil, planting some starter seeds and this summer we will have quite the garden. With the help of Yo Bob, Aaron, Carol and Alan, he build a fence around his new garden area to keep the pests out (pest are also fondly known as Poncho and Moose 'round these parts).

They got the fence done just in time because phase two of "Ranch Lafitte" arrived this weekend. That, my friends, is a chicken coop. Yep.......a chicken coop.

And Tim is now a chicken farmer

....and the proud papa to a gaggle of Rhode Island Reds

He said he picked the Rhode Island Red because they matched my hair color. Do I take that as a compliment? Cuz I'm not quite sure how to feel about that.

somebody help me!!

Amazingly enough, this little venture is paying off for Timmy already. He brought his "girls" home late Saturday night and this is what Aaron found out in the coop Sunday morning.

yay--eggs. somebody help me!!


Teresa said...

Glad to see the farm is coming together - I guess I will have to do a little drive by or walk by to check it all out. When are the bees coming? BTW - I hope you enjoy those eggs!

Gwen said...

So who gets to scrubb the poop off the eggs !?!? I don't think Ms. Lafitte will be doing that LOL. I can remember my Grandpa Dickson bringing them in, standing at the kitchen sink with the steel wool scrubbie, cleaning them off. I've been bugging Roger to get some too. I'm jealous. Are you going to EAT them (the eggs)Stacey? They will be good and fresh, I hope you do.