Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our new pad

Our new parking pad that is......
We've been under construction at the Lafitte farm for a couple of weeks while we worked on a new parking pad.

We have "re-landscaped" the area next to our driveway with some extra concrete so that boys would have a place to park other than the street this winter once the snow starts to fly.

 For those of you paying attention at home.....this is the part where Mr. Wiggle added a little something "extra" to my concrete project.  If you thought I was kidding.....I WAS NOT KIDDING!!
 He's all better in this picture.
 And his special additive has been buried. NICE!!  I hope I didn't get charged extra for that!

We now have a pretty little parking pad for Lydon and Aaron and they won't be swept away by a snow plow this winter.

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