Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First day of school 2013

Happy First Day of School Aaron Jean Washing Machine.
It's gonna be an amazing year for this kid. 
First of all it's his senior year. 
Second of all, apparently he is majoring in "hair farming" (I did not sign off on this hair-do). 
And third of all, he is a STUDENT BODY OFFICER. 
I am so jealous proud of this kid!  He is the Morgan High Tech Student Body Officer.  It comes with this really pretty sweater and t-shirt outfit.  And if you know anything about the members of the Lafitte family, we enjoy a good outfit!

There were no Tech Student Body officers back when I was in high school so I had to learn all about his fancy new position.  I have found out that he is in charge of all things audio/visual and technology related.  This includes, but is not limited to, being the DJ/naughty dancing crowd control at all the dances, something or other with morning announcements, creating super awesome videos, ect.  He put together this video for the end of the last school year.......
Our house has been a revolving door of kids and the other student body officers as they have been gearing up for the first week of school.  He will be DJ'ing a welcome back stomp on Friday.  There are agendas, schedules and other papers all over my house with all of his SBO activities.  And he always travels in a pack of friends. 
He is definitely living my the dream.

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Gwen said...

OMHECK !!! I laughed out loud at that video :) That's awesome that he is a SBO !!