Monday, January 13, 2014

Aaron Jean Homecoming King!

Yes, the rumors are true---Aaron Jean Lafitte just may be too good to be true! 

Just when you think he is done being amazing, he goes and pulls this little stunt........
Aaron Jean Homecoming King 2013
Forgive me if I gush but this kid was a CHAMP during Homecoming Week. 
I hope you are able to hear everything the announcer says as Aaron is walking off the track
And I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge every kid that rallied around Aaron, made sure that he OK and that participated in his well deserved King-ship.  If it weren't for those kids, Aaron would have missed out on the whole experience.  I don't know how we will ever be able to thanks those kids for being there for him.
And if I could pick a Miss Congeniality, it would be Aaron's date, Molly.  She could have bailed on the whole situation but that sweet girl stuck in there and they ended up having a great time.  Molly: consider yourself crowned, sashed and a handed a dozen roses for being such an amazing, graceful young woman during that awkward, difficult weekend.

And thank you to Aaron's date crew.  We had to throw together the dinner date but I think considering the circumstances, we managed to pull it off!




Gwen said...

Loved this post. Love you !!

Anonymous said...

I always felt there was royalty somewhere in your family.....congrats to your King! Such a handsome boy. Your boys are awesome momma! Great job.


Lynne said...

Well done, Stacey. I’ve been hoping to see this up and going again. Love to you & the boys.

Uncle Jill said...

Nicely done Stacy, and Aaron, and Lydon!! I love you guys, and through the clouds you all were the sunshine. Could not be more proud of my entire family, you are all the best!! Aaron was true royalty, and he had some amazing support from his brother and Mom. And Grandpa Bob, and Uncle Buster, and Aunt Tiff, and Chase and Brenn. Together you can take on the world!! So glad you are my family!!