Sunday, December 14, 2008

Look what I did!

Thanks to my friend Gwen, I caught the quilting bug this weekend (on top of the cold bug that I some how also caught). Gwen brought the makings for a quilt to the courthouse last week and let everyone pitch in to tie it and then donated it to Community Services (you got a heart of gold Gwen!).

I've never tied a quilt before. Grandma Ruth always made us quilts and every single one that she made me was used until there was nothing left. We have one last quilt of hers that is basically shreds and stuffing.

Gwen passed on a super cool trick of the trade: she uses two sheets rather than yards of fabric so there is no need to to sew the top and bottom pieces. Genius! I fell in love with a set of flannel sheets at Costco so I bought the set for the top piece and then got a chocolate brown sheet for $7 at Walmart for the bottom piece. My dad helped me fish Grandma Ruth's quilt frames out of the basement and between him, Tim and Aaron, they got me all set up in my kitchen.

My quilting took a couple of detours when the Lafitte Family Farm animals decided to get involved.

For sale: two cats and a dog. CHEAP!
It took me less than two days (and a couple of Alka Seltzer Cold Tabs and a some napping)
Because I bought the top sheet as a set, I got two matching pillow cases. I used the fitted sheet and cut it up and sewed a little accent pillow. I just need a chocolate brown bed skirt and I'll have me one of them Better Homes and Gardens bedrooms!
Next up--a kitty quilt for Buster for Christmas.
I think Grandma Ruth would be proud.


Lynne said...

very good Stacey, it looks great and I am sure grandma's & mom would be proud.

GDR said...

You go girl !! I think you are a closet quilter :)

SHIRLEE said...

Wow I am both proud and jealous that you did not let me help you with this experience. When you want to try another one I can show you how to do it without the knots showing on top. If you did it the other way. It looks really awesome. I was looking for a new bedset, maybe I will look for sheets and just build me one. Way to go...... (sorry you were sick)

Lauren and Karlee said...

that is flippin cute!!! i want one!?!

Uncle Jill said...

You have always been so talented and crafty, you did a great job!! It looks so nice!! Of course your Grandma Ruth is proud, so always was, and always will be!! I'm pretty proud of you too!!

Love Ya!
Uncle Jill

Lane Gang said...

Nice! I am so jealous that you can do that. I need lesson's next. You are awesome! We will be thinking of you guys this year and I hope you have a Merry Christmas.
Love ya

Lane Gang said...

Please explain the whole Uncle Jill. It's driving me crazy!!

Stacy said...

Uncle Jill explanation: when Aaron was little he referred to Aunt Jill as Uncle Jill once and it has stuck with her ever since. It was pretty cute coming out of that little firecracker of a kid. That Aaron Jean Washing Machine is one funny boy!

Lora said...

You've inspired me, Stacy! My grandmother had a quilt frame, but I don't know what ever happened to it. I'll have to ask around. I'm going to keep my eye out for a pretty sheet set. Hope you're feeling all better! Give yourself a hug for me!! Merry Christmas!