Monday, December 15, 2008

This post brought to you by grandpa

Takin' the night off and turning the blog over to Yo Bob:


Buster showed up this morning with another one of his brain storms'
After checking with pioneer woman for advice and... receiving none.... and like a couple of guys with a plan yep we had a plan we decided to wing it and 6 hr's later yes 6 hr's later we finally completed our newest project.. Never a dull day around here he just has to much time on his hands sitting around the Ogden fire station watching TV and telling war stories. Maybe you could get him into quilting to keep him busy.

Happy Birthday Chase This masterpiece is for you



The Frost's said...

You have some serious YO Bob and Buster competition on your hands!!
That cake is AMAZING let alone the process that went into it!! Did you dare cut and eat it?

One lucky kid to have a GPA and DAD make such a piece of machine!!


Chris said...

OMG!! Is that the Food Network on the TV? Martha doesn't need to worry but Ace of Cakes does! How thrilled Chase must have been. You are one lucky family.
Happy Holidays to all of you.