Sunday, June 7, 2009

When I grow-up

Somewhere in the annuals of time, the founding fathers of the Netz-Lafitte-Carrigan-Roberts clan declared that every male child of said clan shall grow-up to be a fireman in one form or another.
Jason and Nate have now come of age and true to their inherited bestowment of fireman-hood, the two of them have just completed their Firefighter 1 training.

Jason hadn't even graduated from high school when he went through the training. We call kids like him "over achievers".

Holy proud papa!
I'm not sure but I think this lesson is teaching the guys how to roast the turkey for this year's Christmas Eve party.


SHIRLEE said...

That is pretty cool that you can even marry into the family and join the clan. Congrats to you all!!

Shawn said...

I like all your poses Jason. Way to ham it up for the cameras "Hollywood"!

Uncle Jill said...

I could not be more proud of all of my fire guys! They all work really hard, and they sure do love it! I am also proud of the two in the family that aren't in the picture. Talk about "over achievers"! They have been there, done that!! Keep up the good work guys, we are all so proud of you!!
Love you!
Uncle Jill