Monday, June 1, 2009


......................makes me think of Shirlee every time
Timmy is a Superstar!
The book with Tim's picture will be coming out this week. It has been a big deal (more so for me than him).

It's been on the news (yes, I am so lame that I took pictures of the tv) .
It's been in the paper
Timmy's right there in the very middle of this picture.
I was even able to strong-arm Timmy into a letting me snag a photo with the photographer. And now, the book release party this Friday.
Unfortunately, Tim has to work and can't escort me to the party. That's ok----I can show up and embarrass -I mean represent- Timmy in his absence.


Laurie M said...

I actually saw that when it was on the news. So cool that he made it into the book. Sorry you didn't hear about my party until the last minute. We did everything to try to contact you, but I guess I had the wrong email and my sister tried to call you, but there was no answering machine. Hopefully we will get together soon.

Teresa said...

I think you should go to the party and represent your hubby.

SHIRLEE said...

Hey do you need a date? I, the original SUPERSTAR just happen to be available.