Monday, July 13, 2009

I am the queen of bitch and moan

can i say bitch on the blog? oopsies! sorry--cover your eyes if I just committed a bloggin faux pas

Meet my new set of wheels.About a year ago, Timmy decided that it would be in my best interest to put me in a Honda Civic for the extensive one block commute that I have four days a week to the courthouse. It all sounded good in theory until you had to watch the horror show of shoving in and yanking out all six feet of me from that little weeble-wobble car. I don't know if many of you know this (it's kinda of a sensitive subject that I don't like to speak about) but I was born with a defect where every time I bend over, my underpants ride up and my blouse rides down and all my bad parts are exposed and this car seemed to amplify my problem.

After a frustrating year of 36 miles to the gallon, exposing my my backside to all my courthouse co-workers, tying my WalMart groceries to the roof of the car (cuz there was no room to put them in the car) and doing the ol' tuck and roll routine just to get out of the tin-can-death-trap, I had enough and took matters into my own hands.

In one afternoon, after a few telephone calls, a little bit of cash pried from Tim's hand and a little love from Uncle Boyd, I am now a proud card carrying member of the Jeep Cherokee family. AGAIN!!!

It's good to be back :)


SHIRLEE said...

Hey has HONDA contacted you yet for bashing thier product so badly on national blogging???

Stacy said...

Hey lady--
Back off! If you read carefully, you will see that I was not bashing the Honda people, rather, I was bashing the husband who obviously does not understand the whole big wife to small car proportion situation.