Sunday, July 26, 2009

The 4th of July (via the 24th of July)

Better late than never, right? :) These super long posts just don't blog them selves ya know--

We had a super great 4th of July. We started off the festivities by occupying the kidses with a photo scavenger hunt while the grown-ups BBQ'ed and visited.
The kids split up into two teams. Each team got a camera and a list of summer related items that they had to go out and take photos of.Last item on the list......have someone take a picture of your teamAfter the hamburgers and hotdogs, the kids drew new teams, were given a stack of newspapers and a roll of masking tape and were told to dress-up an Uncle Sam.

And then it was on to a little arts-n-crafts. 4th of July t-shirts with glow in the dark paints.
This is Aaron's finished project. When you turn out the lights the stars glow.
The guys don't get off the hook so easy this year. First, they get to put on their prettiest shower cap, then the gals covered their heads with shaving cream.
The object of this game is to toss dot candies at your partner's shaving cream hair-do and get as many of them to stay put as possible.
And because they were all such good sports, they all got lil' squirt fire extinguishers
And last but not least----water balloon bobbing


GDR said...

Your family always does the most fun things !! I'm impressed - see ya tomorrow !!


SHIRLEE said...

You guys always do the funniest things. Is anyone up to adopting me and my family? We are really quite boring.....

Uncle Jill said...

Stacy throws the best party ever!! She is the queen of creative, and makes the parties so much fun for everyone!! Boyd is glad that he made the blog, he was pouting pretty badly!! Thanks again for all of your hard work and effort, and for a great 4th!! Love Ya!!