Sunday, October 11, 2009


I FINALLY got to finish off celebrating my birthday with my long awaited pizza party with my nephews (does this mean I FINALLY officially have to be 40 now?)

We started off with a movie (super cute!)

Followed by ice cream (yes, we had ice cream before dinner--we can do that --it's still my birthday)

and then we came home and made dinner. We made make-your-own pizzas.

We finished off our birthday party with a little crafty-beading project (yes-I made the boys do a beading project--I can do that--it's still my birthday).

Thanks guys for finally having a pizza party with me! I can now officially finish my birthday month :)

Speaking of my birthday present is doing well, than you very much. Ever since we brought him home he would curl up and sleep on Moose.

and he still does it two months later.

He looks alot like his big brother

and not alot like his dad :)

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