Sunday, October 11, 2009


I'm beginning to think our date-- I mean Lydon's date to homcoming this year must have heard about my antics last year because this girl dodged my every move! What the heck? So unfortunately I got nuthin. Nuthin.

Here's the flower he gave the mystery girl.

And Timmy grooming him for the big night.

This is the super cute outfit I picked out for him (that's right Shirlee--super cute outfit!!) I hope mystery girl liked it.

Tim insisted that we take these pictures with the dogs. Why? Why would he do that to us?

Actually, it sounds like Lydon and the mystery girl (here fore known as MG) had a lovely time. They spend their day date at Classic Skating. Their dinner date was at the rock church at a benefit dinner (that was my favorite part since that meant an inexpensive dinner in town rather than another trip down the canyon to a swanky joint--I get to have that opinion since I covered the tab for this event). He said that they had alot of fun at the dance.

I gave him some money for pictures so I hope that there will be some photographic evidence that he really did attend this dance with this MG girl. Otherwise he just duped me into buying him an outfit, lending him my Jeep for the night and handing him a fist full of cash......I want photos Lydon Edward!!

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SHIRLEE said...

Cute OUTFIT Lydon. I hope that she did not buy you matching Jelly Shoes.....jk