Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Aaron Jean Washing Machine

Those poor Lafitte kids got the crap end of the stick when they ended up with me and Tim for parents. They have had to deal with both a mom and a dad who work full time their whole lives and therefore have been jipped out of a decent birthday celebration every time their birthdays roll around. This year was not different for Aaron.

Today is Aaron Jean's 14th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON!! Unfortunately, Tim is at the fire station and I'm at the courthouse so we pretended that his birthday was last Sunday (hence the present opening pictures already). We started the day with a b-day lunch at Iggy's. We followed up with the traditional cake and ice cream with the grandma, grandpas, Aunt Tiffany and the cousins back at the house.

Here's Aaron opening a present of a much anticipated and a much appreciated (NOT) pair of Levi's from mom and dad. Look at the love on that kid's face (NOT).

Wait....what's that rolled up in the pants? Looks like and Ipod to me. Yay for not getting Levi's for your birthday! (Check out the look on Lydon's face-I don't think that is a look of brotherly love if you ask me)

Next up--It's not a birthday without a funny card from Grandpa Bob--and he did not disappoint this year.
Nor did he make it easy to get to his present........
keep going.......
keep going......
Finally.....I-tune cards for the new I-pod!

Grandpa Tim and Grandma Margy also know how to kick in a super cute birthday card with this cutie Boston Terrier card that made us all giggle!

And they came through with that basketball that Aaron had been asking for. Which is a good thing since the one and only ball that we have laying around is flat!

The cousins also upped the pot with card full of cash but I didn't get a picture of it. Dang it--sorry boys :( I don't know what happened.

I guess nobody kept an eye on Moose during the party because this is how we found him later that night.......

I think someone dipped into the party punch one too many times.

Happy Birthday TODAY Aaron. I can't believe you are 14! I hope that even though you have a great day today! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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