Monday, November 9, 2009

Where does the time go?!!?

Holy crap in a ditch!! When did blogging become such a time consuming chore? Whew! This isn't as easy as it used to be! But by the looks of my blog-roll, everyone seems to be running into the same problem so I'm going to try to not feel tooooo bad about it :)

So here's a catch all post to bring us up to speed--------
Lydon's Homecoming Dance pictures.
Looks like she was a cute girl but I still don't know anything about her. P.S. what ever happened cute dance pictures where the boy stands next to the girl and they smile nicely for the camera? What's Lydon doing there? Trying to kiss her? What's up with that pose camera lady?
One of the reasons why I haven't been able to find time to blog----my crafting career. I've been playing with beads a little bit.and I've knocked out three of quilts which have come in handy because we've all had our turn with the flu bug (another reason why I haven't been able to blog) with the exception of Tim-the-germ-terminator Lafitte who refuses to succumb to the nasty stuff.
Our next project is looking for a TV cabinet to refinish for our bedroom. That's right, I said "our" project. Don't tell Timmy but he is now an entry level "antiquer" (as if you couldn't tell by all the furniture blogs I have listed off to the side). We plan on starting our search during our Veterans day holiday on Wednesday.
And that takes me into my latest, biggest crafting project: Aaron's Halloween costume.
I love making homemade Halloween costumes. In fact, rarely have the boys ever had a store bought Halloween costume (there were those years where we just HAD to be a ninja!). This year Aaron wanted to be the guy (Jackie Moon) from the movie "Semi Pro" (The Will Ferrell movie about a basket ball player). And instead of JUST being a basketball player, Aaron wanted to be a basketball player in a Wheaties box. What a tall order. But I was up for the challenge.
I sewed the basketball outfit (it includes pants but I forgot to get a picture of them). It was one helluva sewing project!
And constructed the Wheaties boxHe won the costume contest at school. Yay for us!!

As for Lydon---the high school Halloween dance is a girl's choice dress-up dance. His date, Shaylee, picked a cowboy and Indian theme (love it!!) It meant I got to do a little DI shopping and Lydon raided Grandpa Bob's closet. Between the two of us, we were able to construct one fine looking cowpoke!And it didn't hurt that Shaylee was the cutest little (and I mean little/short/petite/cutie pie) Indian to his cowboy. I think we should keep her :)
Here's my most favorite friends from Halloween nightAnd finally.....thank heavens I had Tank around to embarrass because Timmy wouldn't wear the costume I made him. Thanks for being there for me Tank-ster!

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