Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My latest brush with greatness

I seriously need to go get my one of those Hollywood autograph books. My latest brush with greatness is with this fella, Tax Commissioner Michael J. Cragun. He was in Morgan conducting our first State Appealed Board of Equalization Hearing that was held right here on our home turf.
I started my political career (I use that term loosely)clear back in 1998. He came on scene shortly after during the election of 2000 as a Davis County Commissioner.

When he was done being a County Commissioner, the then Lt. Gov Gary Herbert swooped him off to bigger and better things at the Lt. Gov's office as the Elections Director. So because he was "thee" election guy at the big house and we are the election gals at the little house, we got to work with him alot.

Well, Lt. Gov Gary Herbert had to go and get himself made Governor and with that, the Gov had to go and swoop our Election Director friend off to even bigger-big and better-best things by appointing him a Tax Commissioner.

We miss our association with him in the Elections office but are very happy that he is in a position that uses all those brains and talents of his yet still allows us to bump into him every now and then.

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