Monday, May 31, 2010

We did it!

I mean he did it.......

But with the amount of stress he put me through these past two weeks, I think I should get a little bit of the credit!

We got to share Lydon's graduation day with Grandma Margy's birthday. And you know how we! So we started out with graduation/birthday by having breakfast at Karen's in Ogden. When we were done eating, we wandered up and down 25th street (not in the old fashioned "walking 25th street" way) and ended up at the "Making Scents" shop. Everyone made themselves a little something to smell pretty with (even Grandpa Tim came out smelling purty!)

After a brief afternoon R&R, we reconvened at the Kobe for a pre-graduation food fest.

Back home, mom made Lydon get all embarrassed by making him pose for all kinds of mom-embarrassing photos.

Lydon entering the ceremony

When they called Lydon's name, I attempted to rush the stage but I didn't quite make it there in time, especially since we were sitting at the very back of the auditorium. FYI, I was wearing heals and the carpet seemed extra slicky that night but I managed to keep upright when I was running up and down the isle trying to get a picture of my baby boy.

The hat toss. Side Note: Lydon sat on the top row. And during the entire ceremony he had his head down. Not once did I see his actual face. If I'd a known all I was going to see was the top of his cap, I would have painted "I love my momma" in big white letters on the top. At least I would have got a worth while picture.

Lydon and his buddies Mikey Crane and TJ Jensen. He's been friends with these boys since they were just little fellas. I hate Mikey cuz his hair is prettier than mine.

This is Mrs. Taylor. She was such a great help during Lydon's OCD/anxiety ridden days. I love her! And she never changes.

The obligatory "M" picture.

Lydon had a great time at operation Graduation and made out like a bandit. He won a bid Tupperware truck box. Tim is currently in negotiations with Lydon over the truck box. Apparently big Tupperware truck boxes are a wonderful man toy and Tim really wants it :) Lydon also got a really nice outdoorsman backpack. He was pretty tickled about it and is going to use it to pack around his gear to his EMT class. He also got a bag full of coupons for Slurpees and hamburgers and ice cream and pizza and Arby's and......the list goes on. He has to hide his loot from his little brother because he really got some good stuff!.

For those of you who have not heard, Lydon has changed his career goals (please tell me that every kid does this). He is no longer going to be a veterinarian. He has decided he wants to be like the rest of the guys in the family and will be going into the EMT/fire profession. He started night time EMT classes about a month ago before high school even got out and is loving every minute of it! Everyone has been so good to him. Everything that he got for graduation will go towards his EMT classes (including gas to get there-ouch!) and the gear he needs.

Thank you to everyone who got him to this point!


Laurie Meredith said...

Congrats! Now your kid is at the age we were when we were roomies! Got the announcement in the mail...I can see why they thought the pic was done professionally.

SHIRLEE said...

Way to go Lydon (and yo mama) we are very proud of both of you. Good Luck on your very bright future.

Uncle Jill said...

Way to go Lydon!! We are all so proud of you!! And your parents do deserve some credit as well, it isn't easy on us to make you work so hard! Good luck to you in the future, I am not suprised that the career path has changed, now you are headed in the right direction!! How will you be able to talk to any of the guys at family get-togethers if you aren't one of them!! We all are proud, keep up the hard work, and we love you!!I know Grandma Billie is very proud of you too!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Lydon AND parents! Time has gone by too fast Stacy...Brooke was asking me if I thought they still lit up the M, now I can tell her that indeed, they do! She was also wondering if they wore maroon...she said if she would have graduated from Morgan she would have looked terrible in that color with her red hair. funny girl