Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Halloween

Halloween was a little quiet at our house this was a dark, rainy, dreary night. And now that my boys are no longer young enough to really be of trick-or-treating age, Halloween is a little lame at our house. Add to that the fact that we live clear down a dark scary lane that no one in their right mind wants to drag a small child down just to get a candy bar and we are pretty much in Trick-or-Treat no-man's-land.

Aaron tried to salvage the night for his 15 year old friends by digging through my buckets of costumes-of-Halloweens-past to throw together some last minute disguises. Don't ask me what Aaron is but I think he is some sort of kitty cat wearing a head band (kitty must have been working out) and was recently crowned Miss America yet needs to shave her upper lip and mono-brow. Words just can't explain......

Little Yo is just about the cutest little witch EVER!!
At least Leslie was brave enough to drag her kids down our dark no-man's land lane to bring Mario and Ariel to trick-or-treat.
My friend Heather wasn't scared of my long dark drive way. She brought her kids all the way from Idaho to visit us for Halloween. These are her three boys......notice the "mummy juice" that her Mario is holding in his hand. That's my crafty treat that I made and handed out to all those who dared travel down our dark driveway.
They are Sunny-D orange drink bottles wrapped in sports tape with cute little stick on googly eyes to look like little mummys.


Teresa said...

A few months behind but glad to see you back in the blog-sphere and we're still waiting for a blog on the new house

Gwen said...

You know, your new house location probably won't produce many trick or treaters either......... but it's close to Joni and Kerry's so we may just have to visit :)