Thursday, September 8, 2011

Holy Garden Gone Wild!

I'm beginning to believe the thoery that bees possess some magical pollinating powers (or something scientific that I don't understand) and that they sprinkled their special magical pollination dust on our garden and because of their magic pollination dust our garden is OUT OF CONTROL!

 We have more jalapeno and Anaheim peppers
 and green peppers
 and tomatoes by the box full!
 and onions and squashes than we can keep up with.
 So to put all those garden goodies to good use, we canned, bagged and bottled ALL weekend long.  We made spaghetti sauce, salsa, and jalapeno jelly.
 And if that wasn't enough, Carol got us some peaches and we even put up peaches this weekend.
 That super gigantic sized 1950's stove was put to good use this past weekend.
I feel so domesticated!


SHIRLEE said...

this is awesome. you should have come and got my food sealer.....can't wait for Monday cause I am sure you are bringing a sample of everything, Right?

The Frost's said...

Oh my! harvest gone good.....I will say grandma millie was there as you were canning!!

Teresa said...

It is Tuesday and we still haven't had any samples. If you have any zucchini to spare I would like some. Your garden looks great.

oops! said...

A little bit Jealous! Had to somment to tell you how impressed I am! My pathetic little garden needs help!