Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I have made my official appearance

And I have photos to prove it
 ( I love it when Yo Bob takes pictures....they have a soft blur about them that erases my fine lines and jowls and waddles, ect.)
 I was a good (super duper-very good) sport and went to the woods (also known as "Shawn's property) (also known as Deep Creek) for an impromptu Labor Day weekend BBQ.  See the picture below as proof that I was actually there:  My Jeep parked under the Buster Netz Lafitte Memorial Deep Creek Arch.
 Buster knows that the only way to lure me deep into the woods is with food so he had to make good on his offer by BBQing up some bacon wrapped chicken chunks (mmmmm...bacon wrapped food).

 There was a little "horsing" around.  Get it?  Horsing around?  Cuz it looks like Chaston is ride a tree shaped like a horse.  Actually, Chase calls this his Star Wars bike because it looks like the bike in the Star Wars movie.
 The boys fashioned up the fire pit so we could build a nice smores cooking fire.
 Don't worry....there was plenty of adult supervision.
 And Chase's wig was not bured in the building of this fire.

 I played nice and ate in the woods, and cooked marshmallows in the woods
 See how much fun Tim is having just spending quality time with me in the woods.  Settle down Timmy.
 Luckily, I did not have to pee in the woods!!
 And, just to make me happy, my humming friend gave us one little fly by/buzzing while we were there
Which made the whole trip worth while.
I've done my time and summer can officially be over!

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