Monday, February 27, 2012

I've got my own "Yo Bob the Builder"

He was able to take this little note I made clear back last summer......

And do a little bit of this...
And some of this 
I added some of this
Lydon contributed a dash of that
Buster sat by and did what he does best at Station 5.......bark orders from his Easy Boy Recliner. 
Thanks for the help Buster but I think I can cram my large self all up in here.

 And here's Yo Bob's finished project!!  My very own sewing/crafting table for my utility room.  He's a genius!

With a place to put my threads and bobbins just like Grandma Ruth used to have
 Here's the best part.......Wait for it.........
 Ta-Da!  He built in a pull out ironing board.  How cool is that!!!
He left the bottom sections open so I could put cute baskets to hold Grandma Ruth's old sewing patterns.  You should see some of the old patterns for the clothes she used to make me and Shawn.  Now I have a neat place to store and display them.
The other side will hold Grandma Ruth yarns that I rolled into balls.
 I found one of Grandma Ruth's boy pj patterns and one girls pj patterns and I framed them and hung them above my new table.  The boy pattern even has her writing on it! 

Yo Bob taught me that the best place to buy knobs is Target.  I bought some beautiful glass knobs for the drawers in the middle and the drawers on either side have the same glass on their handles.

Thanks for  the gorgeous table dad!


Teresa said...

That is so awesome. Now if my "Bob the Builder" would build me one for my laundry/craft room I would be set. I will be showing him your plans and see what I come up with.

Uncle Jill said...

We are all so very blessed to have a Yo Bob the Builder!! You should see the beautiful house he helped with in Henefer! Some of his best work I would have to say!! Good job Yo, it looks awesome!! And no one deserves it more than Stacy, so good for you!! Keep up the good supervisory work Shawn, every job needs a supervisor!!

Megan Phillips said...

I want one! I love it! That is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Where did the ironing board come from, I think me and Mr. Bob need to have a talk (make that Ash and Bob) Your so lucky and even luckier that your Dad made it! What a Treasure!!!!!

Gwen said...

Your dad is the best - glad I've got him on speed dial whenever I need help at the office. Love him !

Traci said...

Yo Stacey, I need "yo bob the builder" to build me one for my spare room. You know it would help me to get all organized and stuff!!! And then my house wouldn't drive you so crazy!! So whacha say???