Monday, March 26, 2012

Aaron Jean Tennis Machine

We have big news at the Lafitte house!
Aaron Jean is a genuine member of the Morgan High Tennis team!
He is living my high school dream (well, my real high school dream was to sit at the cool kid table in the cafeteria during lunch, or to be on the drill team or to be prom queen or todate Shaun Cassidy, but if none of those things panned out, I wanted to be on the tennis team.)
 When you are on the tennis team you get a really cool outfit that consists of a shirt, shorts, sweat pants, a jacket and matching shoes.  I am so jealous. 

 I really don't think Aaron wanted me to know that he had made the tennis team because he actually told me that he had made the bowling team so as to throw me off so that I would not show up to his very first match which happened to be this past weekend in Clearfield.
 Well played Aaron Jean.....but your bloggin' momma is smarter than that!  She'll hunt you down and embarrass you no matter what extra curricular activity you are participating on  :)  It's my job. 
 Take, for example, this picture.........I was the only mom who was standing with her little Kodak Easy-Shot camera lens poking through the chain link just so that I could get this sweet action shot of you serving up that ace. 
 I don't know what he thinks is so embarrassing about that?!!?
 See that great big red 6?  That means that he WON!  YAY!  I'm so glad I didn't sit around waiting at the bowling alley.  I would have missing his first ever tennis team victory.

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Gwen said...

Oh Stace......I was reading your post and was HOPING that you were FAR FAR away, using a HUGE telephoto lens.......THEN I see that NO, you were standing NEXT to the chaing link fence ARGH!!! I bet he just loved that ! Kinda like Landon liked me kneeling next to the wrestling mat (haha) - love ya !