Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I was meant for a different era

This past weekend, Yo Bob gave me a new treat for my house  (you heard right Buster--he gave ME a treat)

He gave me this most beautiful watch crystal cabinet that used to be Grandma Ruth's.  It holds every imaginable watch  face crystal from the old days inside each of those drawers.  The top part of the cabinet is where they would repair watched and snap the new crystal face onto the watch
This is the foot petal that run the face snapper-on gadget at the top of the cabinet
This is what is inside EVERY SINGLE DRAWER.
Little envelopes with watch crystals of every size on the inside.
I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this new/old cabinet.  I think it is absolutely beautiful.    I think I was meant to live in the 1950's because I am so intrigued by all things from that time frame.

I have Grandma Ruth's watch, which I wore until I was afraid I was going to break it.
I still have her glasses.
And her pink Kleenex box.
This is her purse....
And her mink stole.  I was convinced, as a little kid, that this was worth a million dollars and Grandma Ruth was rich!
Her pink dress (which, in my mind, was her prom dress)
and the pink shawl that goes with it.
Her coat.
The toys (that can either be cute or creepy depending on what time of the day you look at them) that came from her house.
Her pretty pink dishes.
And even her funky colored dishes.

I love all of it!

So -please-  If it is one of my Friday days off and I am home alone, do me a favor and give me a courtesy call before you come over.  I don't want you to catch me prancing around my 1957 house in my Grandma Ruth pink prom dress in her cat-eyed glasses, pulling tissues from the pink Kleenex box while wearing her mink stole and working on watches on my new/old watch cabinet at the same time that I'm sipping from her pink glasses and whipping up a batch of cookies in her pink mixing bowls.  That would be so embarrassing!

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SHIRLEE said...

Stacy, I think that I recognize the stuffed somewhat creepy animals as the ones that they used to win from Lagoon....Pretty awesome.....