Thursday, April 5, 2012

Update: Breaking News on my fixation with 1950's

Yo Dad sent over these pictures to accompany my new/old watch crystal cabinet and my Grandma Ruth mink stole.  I am in old-time heaven.

This is Grandma Ruth and Grandpa's jewelry shop that the watch crystal cabinet came from.
Grandpa inside the store.  Why wasn't I around back in those days?!!?  I would have been a delightful addition to their jewelry store.  It's just my opinion but I believe I have the beautiful delicate wrists for modeling watches and bracelets.  I also have long lovely fingers were perfect for modeling rings up until that horrible hatchet accident that disfigured my left pointer finger (but that's a different story for a different day).

A view of the jewelry store from the outside.

And these are pictures of the mink that allegedly may have produced the mink stole.  Yo Dad says that these mink are deceased even though they look as if they are trying to chew off a chunk of his face. 
Look at what a tough cookie Grandma Ruth was---she can handle a dead mink like no body's business!

Now I can't wait to see what else Yo Bob's got to share.  His house is just like a real life "American Picker's" show.  I gotta get back over there and see what else he's got buried in his basement/closet/shop.

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Gwen said...

Love the old pics ! Was this in Morgan? Also, I WOULD PAY to see you in that pink "prom" dress with the mink wrap - seriously :)