Friday, February 13, 2009


Warning---here comes a whole slew of my favorite mom pictures.


GDR said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE - the tribute. You have such a special, neat, loving family. Your mom would be proud :)


SHIRLEE said...

Stacy you are such a thoughtful daughter. Your mother would be so proud of you. What a wonderful family to have to share things with. I admire your closeness

Give my best to YO Bob!!!

Love always


Laurie M said...

I love to see pictures of you and your mom together. Even though I didn't know her, I know she must have been incredible to raise such a wonderful daughter.

Uncle Jill said...

I loved the pictures, what good memories it brought back. She is such a beautiful lady, I miss her every day too!! You did her proud, she and I are both very proud of you!! Love you Lots!!