Monday, February 9, 2009

Reunited and it feels so good...

Pancho had the dubious honor of attending a Boston T Party today. That would be a Boston "T" as in terror---I mean terrier--Party. Pancho was reunited with his mom, Sophie (on the right), and his little brother, Jett (middle) for a little play time.
You'll have to forgive the blurry pictures. These three were a flurry of black and white fur and wouldn't hold still for a decent family portrait.
This is his mom, SophieAnd this is his little brother, Jett, doing what little brothers do--sticking out his tongue for the camera. Jett is just a little round dude. Pancho is bigger and leaner than both Jett and Sophie.
Poor Pancho....he has a potty problem and had to wear a doggy diaper during his play date. I'm sure his little brother had plenty to say about that!

I think these three must have had a great time together. By the time we rounded up Pancho and loaded him up in the truck, he crawled in the back seat and fell right to sleep.

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SHIRLEE said...

How fun is that? Tia would like to come but I think that she would just end up a chew toy and might have quite as much fun. She would however probably sleep on the way home.