Thursday, March 5, 2009

Make him stop!!

Lydon just keeps on burning through the birthdays! He's no longer my little 16 year old boy.
He's officially 17.
We celebrated with cake and ice cream.
And lots of presents, like this car wash kit from his little brother...
and cash from the cousins.....

and this gift card to Sports Authority (which is the perfect gift since Lydon's new passion is skiing)
and some cool duds from mom and dad.....

and it just wouldn't be a birthday without Grandpa Bob's funny b-day card (this one featured a little nose picking) stuffed with a little green (cash that it is--not boogers).

Seventeen. Seventeen! How did he grow up so fast?!!? He now is a smidge taller than me (especially if I take off my "hair helmet" as my sweet little brother puts it).Somebody needs to tell this boy to slow down. He's growing up way too fast.

Happy 17th Lydee!


SHIRLEE said...

Looks like you had a great day. No stacy they dont stop growning. It gets better, hahaha

Love ya

Anonymous said...

How can someone as young looking as you have a 17 year old???