Friday, March 27, 2009

Junior Prom - Lydon Style

The day date: A trip to Speed StreetFollowed by a pre-prom nap.
The corsage:
The tux:The finished product:
Every boy MUST pose for an embarrassing "mom photo".
Ee-gads!! It's a good thing this poor boy did not inherit his mothers jumbo double chin/jowls/waddle. The girl:
With her pretty hair
and her darling pink gown. working out a few of those pre-promenade jitters
Their promenade and announcement They take the stage
The whole junior class:
Off to dinner they go
with the all their friends in a limo
Tomorrow: Hopefully more photos of dinner and actual prom. I promised i wouldn't stalk--I mean follow them to dinner and the dance as long as Lydon promised to take some pictures for me on behalf of the blog :)


SHIRLEE said...

oh the fun of Prom night. I hope that they had a wonderful time. way to go Lydon

Uncle Jill said...

Awesome pics, what a handsome man he is!! I told him that he was by far the cutest one there, not just because he is family either!! I am proud of you for not stalking, good job!!

Love Ya!!