Thursday, March 5, 2009

Does this mean he qualifies for the AARP program?

Timothy Lewis is officially a 40 year old!

We celebrated his coming of age with a traditional dinner at the Dai Enko Tae (I have no idea how to spell that restaurant name)

A dinner for which 40 year old Timmy did NOT qualify for the senior discount.

Nothing says "Happy 40th birthday, honey" like a big ole can of nacho cheeze.
Que Bueno Timmy!


SHIRLEE said...

Happy Birthday Tim, Hey I have that same wrapping paper, do you work at the court house?????

Anonymous said...

40 Tim? You are now in a great class of people......the 4th decade! We are all hot, smart and vibrant! :)

Roxanne and Arlin (he's older)