Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today is National Stress Awareness Day. Who knew?

Our courthouse event coordinator, Teresa, knew and she threw a great party to celebrate this day.

The flyer says:

Alleviate your stress by ditching those high heels, ties, slacks and pantyhose. Come to work dressed in your most comfortable pair of sweats or pajamas.

Start the day off right. Join us for a creal breakfast in the foyer. Kick back and enjoys a big bowl of sugar-coated, moral-boosting goodness with your coworkers. You'll have so much fun we dare you not to blow milk out your nose.

And for those of you who need more than a pair of sweatpants and a bowl of Lucky Charms to de-stress, 10 minute massages will be offered in the auditorium. For the price of a box of Calgon ($5), Valarie H will "take you away" by working out those stress knots that have taken up residence in your neck and shoulders.

What a treat to go to work in my comfy sweats! No control top pantyhose to cut off the blood flow to my lower extremities. Not tight pants that make it hard to bend at the waist. I think I got more work done in the first two hours of work than I had all week long!

We started off with breakfast---I had two bowls of Luck Charms which is soooooo much more fun than my usual yogurt and granola!

For those of us that dared to dress down, we won prizes.

Grand prize: Gwen. She won the well deserved "Ruth Buzzy" award.

Brenda won the "married lady" pajama award

For our guys who wore dress shirts and slacks, the party "pooper" award

This card was lovingly attached to a bottle of FiberOne pills :)

I even scored a random drawing prize!

Our breakfast club

And to prove that I can party like a rockstar, here is photographic proof that I was able to participate in the stess-busting massage portion of today's festivities.It was such a fun day that I vote to do this at least once a week (and by that I mean dress comfy and eat Lucky Charms----I'm still trying to accept the whole massage-gettin-in-my-space part)

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