Monday, April 20, 2009

Dear Uncle Jill

Pancho has something he wants to tell you
(please note the pouty lip action)
We walked over to Yo Bob's tonight (we are training for Susan G Koman race). Anyhoo....We were walking back home and as we passed your work, Pancho peed on the green box out in front of your building. I did one of those things where you look around to see if anyone saw the violation and since no one was around, I thought we could make a clean get away. And then I noticed the security camera. So as you watch the footage from last night and you see Pancho "mark his territory" on your green box, please know that he is sincerely sorry and that he considers peeing on your box as a form of flattery.

Now, excuse us while we write more apology letters to:
*the city park people for peeing on their utility pole
*the dentist for peeing on his fence
*the school for peeing on their fence
*and the seminary people for peeing on their tree

Too bad the Susan G Koman race isn't a territory marking race cuz Pancho would win a gold medal.

1 comment:

Uncle Jill said...

Dear Pancho,
I appreciate your appology, I'm sure that many have marked my green box along their way, and you have been the first to admit it, and appologize for it. You are truly a class act, and super cute!!