Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I'd like to start off by giving you a little lesson on how NOT to color Easter eggs.
Do NOT buy the tie-dye Easter egg coloring kit from the Wal-Mart.
I tell you this because from our experience, two teenage boys will lose their patients coloring eggs and will skip all of the recommended steps and recommended baggies and recommended coloring applicators and will skip straight to using their bare hands, smearing very potent dye all over the eggs, which makes their up-tight mom freak out because she just knows that they are going to get that potent dye on her new fabric covered kitchen chairs.
This was the lone egg that turned out looking some what like the example on the box.
Fast forward to Easter morning. I'm thinking the tie dyed eggs ticked off the Easter Bunny because he totally trashed Grandpa Bob's house.

The Easter Bunny made used a different colored yarn for each of the four boys and strung a maze all through out grandpas house leading to their Easter baskets.

Next up---Easter egg hunt
Since all those eggs were filled with M&M's, we had to get our breakfast burritos cooking before the kids decided to turn those m&m's into their breakfast.
While the grown-ups cooked, grandpa kept the kids busy with word find puzzles, find the Easter eggs picture puzzles, a maze game and a connect the dot Easter picture.
For doing such a good job with their puzzles, the boys got these balls
that they put in water
and they grew
into fun little sports towels
Time for a little pin the cotton tail on the bunny

Not that I'm crying foul play or anything, I just find it a little suspicious that Chase was able to nail the bulls eye AND pull of this surprised look. Hmmmm......
The prize: balloon rockets
Next up--guess how many Hershey hugs are in the jar
the audit...and the prize
For the grand finale---a balloon shoot out


Oh....and that bunny My good friend, Cindee, who surprised me in 1989 on my birthday by showing up in this bunny suit. Note: my birthday is in the swelter month of August.


GDR said...

How OLD are you in this pic Stacey? You look like a baby........and your dad's goat isn't too grey....... I'm guessing awhile ago :)

SHIRLEE said...

Hey who is in the Bunny Suit???? What a cool pic

iscraptoo said...

That is TOO Funny!! I remember that Easter Bunny well. Good times!!


The Frost's said...

Stacy, I am really jealous of how much fun you and your family have!! You know how to have fun at all times!!

Thanks for the smiles!