Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 10th----hmmmmm.......

I need an extra special picture to post today.

Maybe this one since he's such a clown.

Or this angelic looking one (NOPE!! Definitely not the angelic one)

Perhaps something to show off his "sporty-spice with a perm" attitude.
Or how about this picture of the time he showed up at my wedding with a porn 'stache.
I'm thinking someone tipped him off and he knew that I was going to do this little photo tribute for his birthday because he conveniently sent me this picture earlier this week.
(say it know you want to)


SHIRLEE said...

Oh Stacy, what a mean and cruel sister....just kidding. At least you let him redeam himself with the fine studley pic at the end. Did you really mean to call him "BUTSTER" Or did you mean Buster.....just wondering

Stacy said...

The "Butster" was fully intended.
I can do that because
1) I have a blog and he doesn't
2) I'm the big sister