Sunday, August 16, 2009

Relay 09

Ta-da! We made it through another year! And check it out---this just may be a rare photo of Yo Bob in a matching t-shirt--cherish it!!
We tried a few new fund raising techniques this year. Our finest was the "Grandma's Guys" pink wagon. The kids painted a wagon pink and collected changed.The best part was getting to count and roll all that change.This, my friends, is what $136 worth of change (mostly pennies) looks like(and you don't want to know what it smells like--YUCK!).
The super awesome Butters clan at the Subway donated a 3 foot sandwich or party platter for us to raffle. We earned $100 in raffle tickets alone on the sandwich. The lucky winner of the sandwich was the lady that bought the very first ticket from Bren, Chase and Aaron when they hit the streets selling tickets.
Subway also donated a platter of cookies for us to sell. They were a total hit.
We threw in a bucket of Shastas and Popsicles.We spent most the night just hanging out with friends and family

Trav-wouldn't it be awesome if that thing didn't wash off :)
I did NOT get to spend any time with this girl. Stay tuned...there will definitely be more to come on her arrival home!I don't know who was more excited to tolerate--I mean support me; Timmy
...............or Buster. At least Tiff is smiling.
The luminary ceremony was a little different this year. Instead of everyone sitting in the bleachers during the program, we all sat around the track next to our luminaries and got to light them ourselves. I liked this way much better.
The weather was not kind to us this year. We set up four tents (two of which were Yo Bob's brand new expensive EZ-up tents that he got for his birthday). By the time we went back for team check-in at 5:00, at storm had blown in and wreaked havoc on every one's camp site. We totally lost one little tent. Our other little tent sustained some damage. One of my dad's EZ-up's took a good beating and he had to use parts of the broken up one to band-aid the not-so-broken up EZ-up. The weather cleared up around 6:00 and was pretty good til midnight.

Tim and my dad were able to hold out til about 11:00. Buster and Tiff were the last ones to leave around midnight. Lydon, Aaron, Brennan and Chaston stuck around with me to make it an all nighter.
Aaron used Brennan and Chaston as a chick magnet and ended up playing games with girls in to the early morning.And Lydon bounced around with the guys.
But it got WAY cold. Too cold for August 14th. I rounded up every blanket I could find for me and Brennan and Chase and they fell asleep around 3:30. Lydon went home around 4:00. I dozed off around 5:00. Aaron never stopped. He just kept on going.

Around 5:45 Buster and my dad came to our rescue just as the rain started to fall. They packed us and took us home just as it started to thunder and lighting and rain pretty good. It was a pretty un-eventful ending to the party.

I did, however, manage to score this sweet relay mug on my way out Saturday morning. My reward for being the super cool team captain that I amWe raised a little over $1,300 so far and the checks are still trickling in.
Thanks to everyone who sent money, threw their change into our wagon, bought a raffle ticket or a soda and a cookie on the night of the relay!


Uncle Jill said...

What a wonderful night it was, it is such a special night to pay tribute to our family members who have been affected by cancer, and spend time together. Stacy, you did a great job, and Yo Bob as usual is a hero!Shawn, you did great too, don't mean to leave you out!! Correction on the times that people left: I left at 12:15, Bob was just ahead of me, so he stayed way past 11:00!My beautiful sister has got to be so proud of her family, good job guys!!
Love Ya All!

Stacy said...

Oopsies--sorry Uncle Jill. I don't think I got to tell you guys good night so I really don't know what time it was. My bad.

I also forgot to give a proper shout out to Casuree for her super cute baskets, your VISA cards and Boyd's truck grill (that would be a grill that is the front part of the truck not the kind of grill that you BBQ on)for the silent auction item.

Thanks for indulging me again this year with the relay. I know I promised that I wouldn't make it into a big deal but I went overboard yet again. Oh well--maybe next year I'll mellow out--Maybe :)

SHIRLEE said...

I was out of town and cannot believe that I missed this event. I am sorry that the weather was bad but you guys always seem to make the best of things. Way to go!!

Roxanne said...

Congrats on a successful event. You did your mom proud!