Thursday, January 7, 2010

Politcally Star Struck

Our sweet little county got a visit from some big time politicians today. Senator Bob Bennet was a special guest star at our new fairground road ribbon cutting ceremony.

First he spent some alone time with us local elected officials talking local elected politics and economical developmental stuff. (also known as donut and juice time)

And then off to the fairground road ribbon cutting. Someone forgot to turn on the heat because it was way toooo cold. Take a moment to appreciate the giant ribbon cutting scissors that were hand crafted by the very hand crafty Dale Lake.
Did I mention how very very cold it was? Because at this point the Senator was ready to bolt for a warmer climate.
That was until I rushed the poor fella and asked him for a fellow elected official photo op. I think his exact reaction was: "My, you are a tall girl". I took that as a yes to my request for a photo.
While he was still memorized by my tall-ness, (or frozen in his tracks) I grabbed Senator Stuart Adams and asked for him to join us in a double Senator/County Clerk picture. Funny thing.....I really did "grab" Senator Adams because he, coincidentally, took the above picture so when he handed me back my camera, I kinda just "grabbed" him by his coat sleeve and dragged him into this photo worthy stance and and told him to smile. That's right dad---just doing what I gotta do to keep you proud--even if it mean shovin' around a couple of high powered Senators!
I capped off my political start studded day with a pic with the new Mayor/that guy whose house I used to spend half teenage years at and super cool City Council Member Betz who just may be my political soul sister. She was diggin' all the political excitement of this day as I was. And seriously, where else are you going to find a couple of tall elected gals like us?


Teresa said...

Great job for posting already! Also good to see you doing a little bit of rubbing shoulders with the big guns - you could be there one day ha ha

SHIRLEE said...

Wow you are very fast. I did not even get to meet Senetor Bennett and there you are mugging him and others. Way to go Boss